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    How can you make the most money in the quickest time?

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    Good question, I believe we all want to know the answer!

    To buy or not to buy coins and t-cash with real money, that will be the next question.

    Planting wheat if you can babysit and if you have loads of free time, the yields per hour is the best.

    Some says planting wheat and collecting eggs to make cookies then sell each for 44 coins would be most profitable consider the time and the material costs.......but it all depends on the time and effort you are willing to devote to this game.

    I've tried to plant wheat with my first free booster at level 20-30s (I think), simply because I need coins for my CB or something. I was exhausted and would not touch the booster again for a long time!

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    Very much depends what level you are. See the thread on planting silk for earning money for detailed discussion of crop yields etc. Cdosr is our go to guy for data handling.

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    During the early days, coins was never a concern. I use to wish if we could sell coins to buy TCash.

    It all changed for me when I reached levels to buy slightly advance factories like shoe factory. Suddenly everything was costlier. TCash was not a concern anymore as I started reaching achievements to get them.

    After that incidence, I changed my game play and never had a single delay in buying any factories or community buildings.

    I have seen multiple strategies of coin collections succeeding and here is my version:

    1. I would fill my barn to the brim and then start doing helicopter order using 'generous customer' booster. This way even if I have to buy something from market to fill an order, I have proper return on investment.
    2. Harvesting crops when ready and selling them (See Bessville's response above). What I would do is that before calling it a night, I would harvest all the crops and sell them. So when I log back in the morning, they are ready again for use.
    3. Keep factories busy - I have identified a few products that return a lot of coins when sold or while filling crates. For e.g., Coconut soup. I would always produce these time taking but good ROI products between planes and keep stocking.
    4. Selling at zoo - I like to pick products from market. So if I see a costly product at market, I would go and check if it is hot product at zoo. If it is, I would buy it and sell at zoo. Better ROI
    5. Optimal use of boosters - I hardly use super harvest or animal husbandry boosters. However I use 'generous customer' and 'super production' boosters as often as possible. And when the boosters are on, I try to make best use of them.

    I have noticed that every player has a different strategy and there is no perfect way. My suggestions are suited to my game play where I try to collect 60-80 clovers a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zebbiestripes View Post
    How can you make the most money in the quickest time?
    Easy answer: farming wheat and selling it straight from the barn.

    Hard answer: wrong question. You should be asking how you can make good coin in an enjoyable way that you'll still enjoy months, if not a year, from now.

    Township, there's not really a way to play it wrong or right provided you're still enjoying yourself. But you're going to play this for a loooooong time if the game sticks to you. Embrace your inner Ent and learn to enjoy taking things slow.
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