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Thread: Town Cash Missing

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    Town Cash Missing

    I had 140 town cash this morning and when I logged on this afternoon I had 1 dollar town cash, I restarted my phone but I still have just 1 dollar of town cash, I bought 130 a couple of days ago and it is hard enough to get town cash without losing it by just logging in and out of the game

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    hi Robert,

    you should report this ingame; Playrix won't react to forum posts, as here are mostly players.
    It's also not necessary nor helpful for you to post here in several threads.

    If you are sure you didn't spend it accidentally, by clicking on some button? if you think it was caused by the update, I'd recommend to check other things, too, like deco in storage.

    The description how to contact them, is here:

    Attach a screenshot of your purchase receipt and if available, a screenshot of "before". Keep replying to the first automated answer(s), that your problem is not resolved with it, until you get in contact with a human. Be patient as they certainly have even more mails to handle at the moment than usual.
    Be aware that the answers will also arrive ingame. It's shown by a little number on the cog top left. Inside then you click on the speech bubble top right to get back to your "conversation".
    (not my invention, I sure would do it differently and easier to find, lol! but this is how it works on Android device, assume it is similar everywhere)

    Good luck!
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