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Thread: Game Problems

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    Game Problems


    For three days, I’ve not been able to play township. I’ve cleared the cache a couple times and restarted my I pad. I’ve been playing for over two years and not had any major problems. Are there problems in the system. I do not want to reload the game and lose my stats.

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    I'm also suffering from same problem

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    Same problem. Not fixed on the kindle. PLEASE HELP!!!

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    I also cannot log in. Been playing every day for over a year lvl 69. I am afraid I will lose everything if I re-install. Help.

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    I've having problem with Township for two days already but was able to play, but since this afternoon I've not been able to open the game

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    I haven't been able to play either. Did the re-install and it worked for a few hours but now I can't log in. I am using the Amazon fire.

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    My entire team including my leader Dunnville has been having issues. I have been playing since November and have never seen this. I really liked this game as it promoted people to help one another. Now with all the issues everyone is afraid to help others

    Any reputable software company would not push out yet another facit of their product but instead would fix the issue that may well cost them a lot of users

    My suggestion is hold off on the new regatta and fix the game as it is now
    It may mean going to a
    Backup of a week ago. Of the software. Then properly test out the game as it is now to fix it
    Of course you will have to properly compensate the current users but that is far better than losing them altogether

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    I'm also having problems with login....takes about 20 minutes..can't visit neighbors to help because I can't return!!!!!!!!! Please help now!!!!!!!!

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    This app is now beginning to stink. I've lost 2 days as I've been unable to complete my regatta tasks. I try to help friends which I can do, but then I can't even get back to my own farm. What is being done about this issue? What a load of crap. We get a message from playrix saying they've identified the problem, but it hasn't been fixed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nilda Jerez View Post
    I've having problem with Township for two days already but was able to play, but since this afternoon I've not been able to open the game

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