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Thread: What is the point of friends on here?

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    What is the point of friends on here?

    I don't mean to sound unfriendly, I genuinely don't know.
    Could someone explain, please?

    Occasionally I get a friend request here (i.e. not facebook) from someone I've never interacted with. I accept it. Then - what?
    What rights have I given this unknown person, if any? What can they or I do/see, that we couldn't do/see before?

    I'm ever so slightly worried that I may be giving access to my computer to complete strangers.
    I may not mind if it's just to see my tanks. Is that the point? If so, how do I see the tanks of others?

    I'm baffled by this 'friend' thing. What does it mean?


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    Hi Wicked

    The friend system on the forums is just to facilitate keeping in touch with another member. You do not give the other person any special power at all. I have many many friends as players want to keep track of my answer to other player. Or they want to send me private message to ask some questions. Being their friend they can easily my name to send me those message.

    To see the friends you have so far go to your profile page. On the left part there are small avatar you can click too in order to visit their page. On the right you see your friends messages in descending order (more recent first). If you click on your name in the small tab above the messages, you can easily find your own messages too.
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    I also believe we (all who post here) get friends requests from ppl who are new here, don't know much about fora and think they are getting ingame friends this way. They just "click on ppl" then, who have just posted here, or post often.
    The result is just as Graylady described, though, one finds their posts easier, through one's own profile.

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    Thank you both. I'm relieved.
    And I never knew you could see what people had posted, by their name - I've often wondered how I found what I'd posted, or if anyone had replied to me, without scrolling through the lot and trying to remember.
    I've just looked now - first time - and wow. Also an incoming message - that would have been there a very long time.
    Thanks again.

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    You're welcome, WA. good that you asked then!
    the profile feature you'll find on almost every forum, and you can "influence" it a bit by your settings (look top right).
    The profile pages - and posts - of other members, who are not your friends, you can also (and also usually in other fora) find by searching the members list with their name. Here it is under Menu Community.

    It's a bit as in most games: Click on everything.

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