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Thread: 14.03 Technical Issues Fixed

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    Black screen and won't load

    My game is still not loading, it is becoming very annoying

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZodiacBay View Post
    Playing on iPad, no problem. Updates received through App Store. Android is a different matter. When I try to install on my phone and link to my FB account, it won't let me. The android version is still the winter update. On install it tells me I have loaded an old version. I have installed, uninstalled, installed on repeat for 2 days. Nothing works!

    Come on Playrix, it's sucking the fun out of the game.
    The android version of the update was never available. That is why it doesn't work. We are waiting... for a patched one.
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    Please read this important post by Playrix about Township : Wishes/requests already rejected by Playrix

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    Pffff, ya he reinstalado el juego como 3 veces, llegué a pensar q era de mi móvil e iba a formatearlo hasta q vine al foro, esto es inadmisible q ocurra en mitad de regata, sigo sin poder entrar, solo competimos esta semana 2 y mi compi está sola, N puedo ayudarla, espero q tengan esto en cuenta y sobre todo q lo arreglen ya, cada vez q intento entrar se queda en la pantalla de carga y no hay manera.

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    I had to uninstall and reinstall the game and I did lose 2 whole days of play, some cash and various items, failed a task which lets down my teammates, and now it won't open at all! So much for being fixed!

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    I still have the issue with visiting friends, my screen goes blank and I have to log out. My game takes a very long time to load. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I play on a Samsung s8. I have never had any problems before.

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    Hi Anna,

    When you say reinstall the game, you mean delete it and uploaded again? I want to be sure that's what you mean, I don't want to lose the game...

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    Hi CDOsr, first thank you for your great insights, as always.

    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    One was that the "Black Screen" can be viewed two ways. One is outright failure to connect to the server(s). But we do know that there is a popup that stops the game in its tracks and says you are not connected and prompts you to "try again". So why is it simply a "Black Screen"? Another way of looking at it is that it represents a "Slow Connection". For example, in more normal times, if we try to visit someone who needs help, we'll see the little spinning thing in the middle of the screen and it goes round and round and round. Eventually it either stops or we move on and close the friends and neighbors window. I've always taken that to mean that the game couldn't fetch the data about the town and it was just taking a long time.

    So what if the "Black Screen" is really just a manifestation of an overloaded server, one that has so many requests flying in that it cannot respond in a timely manner. Now some people have the patience to "wait it out". Eventually it returns and you can play on. But does it returning to "normal" mean that it "worked" or that it "gave up trying"? If it gave up, that would explain why some of your data wasn't saved (or retrieved) properly.
    Additions to the black-screen-thoughts, as others and I am experiencing them the last days:

    To us it's 3 different blacks:
    1. is a black screen that after some patient waiting brings us to where we wanted or back into our town.
    2. is a black screen that won't go away, just lets our device freeze if we wait long enough. Here we can close and restart device, and then get in the game again.
    3. is the black screen others and I keep getting now more and more again.
    Even after uninstalling/reinstalling we are stuck on loading page. No getting back for many tries/hours.
    When back in after this, then progress of the day is lost. Tasks, and anything else is lost. Oh but the boosters and dealers have still counted the time the uninstalling has seemingly taking from you.

    Right now I'm sitting on a shrimp task for everybody else. Which I don't have in my town, cos there I'm thrown back to yesterday.
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    Not happy

    Ever since you've " fixed the issue " I've had nothing but trouble. My game takes more than 5 minutes to load. I can't not travel to help other township players, and if I am able to my game crashes on my way back to my town, than i must reload the game thats taking forever again. Once I'm back at my game all progress I did is lost. Please fix this soon. I've played over 2 years now and really do enjoy this game. I don't want to have to look for a new framing game. Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nilda Jerez View Post
    Hi Anna,

    When you say reinstall the game, you mean delete it and uploaded again? I want to be sure that's what you mean, I don't want to lose the game...
    Hi Nilda Jerez, I'm not Anna, but yes, that's what she means.
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    Hi , my names Renee and my team is Chic N Little Ville, we are all still experiencing the issue with visiting friends, and it takes a very long time to load, sometime it doesn't even load at all. We are also having issues with members of our team finishing tasks and then later on the progress is gone. Its getting pretty frustrating. I know you guys are doing your best , I am really hoping these issues can be fixed asap. We are always in top three but right now with the progress getting deleted constantly, we are in seventh.

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