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    Game progress


    My wife plays the Home scapes game and now that she bought a new phone and installed the game again could not recover the current progress.

    She switched from an iPhone 5S to an iPhone 8 Plus, is it possible to recover or migrate the progress from one mobile to the other?

    It seems to me that this is not on her iCloud.

    It still has the old phone with the game installed and its current progress.

    Best Regards

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    The best way to migrate to a new iPhone is to do the backup and restore method. Using iTunes on a pc, make sure the old phone has the latest iOS , then do a full backup and secure it with a password. Securing a backup with a password will allow iTunes to save all passwords, history and app data.


    On the new iPhone make sure it is updated to latest iOS as well. Then restore the new iPhone with the backup you just did. When it’s complete you should have everything back including game data. The only thing you won’t get back are WiFi and blue tooth connections, you’ll have to redo those . After the backup completes you may have to give the phone a little time to restore apps as it will redownload them from the AppStore - it’s best to be back on WiFi ASAP after the backup.

    I just recently upgraded from an iPhone 7+ to an iPhone 8+ and this was my procedure . I still had my Homescapes progress in tact as well as all my other apps. I was at level 280+ at the time.

    I hope this helps!

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    All I know I am about done with this game

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