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Thread: Too Many Gems For Animals

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    I am on level 108 and level 45 in zoo. I think it is awful they let us spend our money on game and yet when you get to this level in zoo you lose popularity points. I spent a lot of money on this game and feel like they took advantage of me. Why not let popularity points continue 9r better yet upgrade the zoo to keep up.

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    William Shannon
    They really need to alter this. Way too many gems are required for animals and they’re so rare!

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    I have a recommendation for folks reading this thread but are not yet in the situation that posters here are in, critical lack of gems.

    I suggest that you learn to play this game without using boosters, or at least use them rarely. Boosters chew up your gems pretty quickly. Gems come rarely, except for the one you get as a reward for a sending a full airplane. Boosters only last a short time (1 or 2 days) So if you are serious about doing the Zoo, you are trading a short term gain (booster) for a long term frustration (no gems for animals).

    I rarely use boosters, even the ones I won in various events. I have many unused because I do not want to get myself into the habit of relying on boosters to do regatta tasks. Nothing more frustrating that buying a crop booster to get a silk or rubber task done quickly and then not get another crop task the entire regatta. The booster is underutilized. Pick any of your favorite booster to demonstrate that. If you get more than one regatta task's use out of the booster, you are lucky.

    So, I'm at game level 119, zoo level 39, and I have hundreds of gems, >500 of some, >200 of the others. I don't avoid boosters completely, in the last event where you had to fill helicopter orders to get keys yada yada, I knew I needed a lot of coins for the newest factory and expansions so I used the heli booster since I was doing almost every order anyway. Did that for 2 days, spent more time refilling the barn, and did another booster in a blitz to finish the event.

    This strategy has allowed me to use a bit more planning in how I play the game and to accumulate a lot of gems as a side effect. This advice is not going to be of much use to someone who's already short of gems but if you want to work on your zoo but are afraid of the cost of the animals and that's keeping you from starting, consider this advice.

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    Totally agree with cdosr about not relying on boosters for regatta! Boosters is like a drug (for a short satisfactory relieve or gratification), you get addicted very fast! Next thing you would notice is you are without gems to do whatever you want! I barely use boosters that I won, and I did buy some boosters by mistake or at the beginning of my venture in this game because I knew nothing about the strategies and the game in itself.

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    I used to have double crops on almost permanently, but now I’ve finished CBs & factories I’m concentrating on the zoo more & have had to give up my booster. It takes some getting used to, only having half the crops available - my barn is complaining about all the crops I’m storing. Still chronically short of topaz, but I’m getting there. Up to the platypussies now

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    Totally agree. Way to many gems needed in zoo. Would rather spend on boosters.

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    I agree that the zoo takes way too many gems. Why should players on Windows platform have to give up precious gems when the players on androids get animal cards?

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    Don't mean to revive a zombie thread but, wow, I didn't know Windows platforms still don't have the animal cards system! Hopefully the devs can push out an update soon!

    I suppose though you can still take advantage of the coin loot from popularity points, a lot of users were sad to lose that feature.

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