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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Feb 2018
    Co-op Name: Pink Piggy
    Co-op Tag: #PN89XC
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Gold/Orange frame with a Pink Pig face and Pink background
    Number of Members: 19/30
    Level Requirement: 55
    Language: English

    We offer: An awesome, global team who have been together for quite some time. We usually fill each other’s requests pretty fast. We respect each other and communicate very well regarding regatta tasks. We joke around a lot and have a great sense of humor. Fun group, no drama. If you fit in with our co-op over time you become an elder so that you can dump the lower tasks. Regularly we place in Golden League, however, due to a few recent issues, we may be temporarily in Silver for this next week (I am saying this only bc I don’t want anyone to feel surprised when they come in/feel tricked haha – I like to keep it honest!)

    We're looking for people who: Currently we are looking for members who will complete a minimum of 1500 pts/ week. This amount may be increased since the majority of us hit 2000 pts/week and may soon require higher points. You need to help others out. If you are unable to hit the requirements, feel free to opt out as needed. English speaking. Only serious players please, as we kick out those who do not respect our rules.

    Our rules:
    - 1500 pts/week (again, this amount may soon be increased since the competition is getting harder)
    - As for reserving tasks, try limiting a reservation to when you are about 30 minutes from selecting it, since we get only 12 to choose from
    - Help others out – you don’t have to have hundreds of helps, but single digits/really low amounts is simply unacceptable
    - Message board conversations will not insult anyone (leave out politics, religion, etc)
    - Enjoy yourself and have fun!

    Contact Us: You can private message me in this forum or just come find us and send a request in the game. If your Profile numbers regarding helps, gameplay, etc are low you will not be accepted.
    ** If your level is lower than 55, but you are a serious player who feels they’d be a great fit, we can always make an exception!

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    Co-Op is looking for new members who care a little bit about being successful. Come join us. We help each other a lot.
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    Co-op Name: Mostly harmless
    Co-op Tag: #MSF77G
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description: fist with pink background
    Number of Members: 10
    Level Requirement: 20
    Language: English

    We are a group that focuses on communication. Even though we are a bit competitive we balance that with a lot of fun.

    We're looking for:
    • Someone who is willing to communicate (who can fluently read and write in English)
    • Someone who is friendly, interactive, and has a good sense of humor!
    • Someone who will participate in the regatta, completing 6+ tasks @125 points
    • Someone who will help other players

    Come find us on the game .... #MSF77G ... lets race and have some fun!

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    Co-op Name: Farmers United
    Co-op Tag: #FRY93C
    Co-op Status:By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Blue Shield with Tree
    Platform: Andriod/OIS
    Number of Members: 21
    Level Requirement: 25
    Language: English mainly, but important messages are translated into Spanish.

    We offer: many members who routinely help others in the triple digits and are active in regattas.

    We're looking for people who: Who are active. You must contribute on a regatta cycle either by completing 3 regatta tasks or 15 help minimum, but may go up when we hit capacity, but not by a tremendous amount. Once capacity is reached, failure to meet minimums twice in a row will result in being kicked. We are currently in the gold league and want to continue to advance, so if you like what you see, look us up.

    Contact Us: Come on and join.

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    It's Regatta Time!

    Help Wanted in the CHICAGOLAND Co - Op!

    Only 5 spots available! 25 active players to help you!

    Co-op name: Chicagoland
    Tag: #CHYDUM
    Members: 25
    Language: English
    League: Golden

    MUST be an active player willing to help in every way possible with goals,...

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    We are a breath of fresh air

    Hello Everyone! Townshipvillefriends has 3 open positions just in time for tomorrow's Regatta. We are an incredibly friendly, English speaking group from across the globe united in one purpose, to HAVE FUN! Our Co-op is definitely unique. We are moderately competitive, but manage to be on top week after week with high numbers because (get ready for this) it's not required! We are a breath of fresh air. This week we are hosting our own Valentine's Day Contest within the Co-open that will reward 3 winners from 3 different categories. We all place our votes for the best looking towns in the Co-op, and the prizes are the Valentine's of the winners choosing funded by me! I'm so proud of our group, and I believe keeping happiness, fairness and balance is key to our success. NO DRAMA!

    There is definitely room for promotion based on your helpfulness in the Co-op. As long as you participate in the Regatta, you are guaranteed to be promoted to Elder after week 1.

    Co-op name: Townshipvillefriends
    Tag: WXKSZD
    Members: 27/30 currently
    Language: English
    League: Golden

    I am a fair leader and run a fair ship. I encourage friendly discussion and active participation. We all help each other daily. We got your back! Join us, and see for yourselves!

    Tedopolis, Leader

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    Wir suchen noch aktive deutsche Spieler

    Co-op Name: Aktive Spieler
    Co-op Tag: #KUN6SN
    Co-op Status: auf Anfrage
    Number of Members: z.Z. 20 / 30
    Level Requirement: 25
    Language: deutsch

    Wir sind ein Koop mit freundlichen und hilfsbereiten Spielern fast jeden Alters und segeln in der Goldliga. Das Podium und alle Truhen sind unser Ziel.
    Unsere Platzierung letzte Regatta: 1

    Wir suchen aktive Regattaspieler, die:

    - im chat aktiv in deutsch kommunizieren
    - mindestens 5 Aufgaben / Regatta erledigen. Wer mal weniger Zeit hat kann und muss sich von der Regatta abmelden
    - aktiv anderen koop Mitgliedern helfen (16 von uns haben letzte Woche über 100 mal geholfen, das nennen wir geben und nehmen )

    Das Reservieren von Aufgaben ist bei uns nur bei Produktions-, Pflanz- und Inselaufgaben erlaubt. Alle Aufgaben unter 115 Punkten werden gelöscht.
    Wer 1000 Punkte bei der Regatta schafft, wird Senator.
    Wenn ihr Interesse habt schickt uns gerne eine Anfrage oder added mich in eure Freundesliste und ich lade euch ein. Mein Code: 7RZBW9

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    Olympus Has Fallen Banner.jpg
    Co-op Name: Olympus Has Fallen
    Co-op Tag: #Y5D5QJ
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: GOLDEN league. Sun icon on red striped background.
    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Number of Members: 5 currently, ~15 desired
    Level Requirement: 80 (will consider 65+)
    Language: English Only (no exceptions - must be able to communicate with us)

    We offer: Competitive racers in a friendly environment. Our current members typically do all 135pt tasks and buy the extra task when needed. We enjoy helping each other and chatting within reason. We have an open communication policy so that all members can feel safe to respectfully share their opinions. This is a drama free co-op.

    Co-Op Rules:
    - Dump tasks under 130 points
    - 10 task minimum or Opt Out
    - Must help others
    - Chit chat not required BUT you must check chat regularly and be responsive to leaders’ comments/questions.
    - Task Reservation Policy: Reservations allowed for Production Tasks (ie: collect tables) and Island Tasks (ie: Bring Shrimp or Coconuts). NO Reservations on most other tasks including Mystery/Combo tasks, Seasonal tasks such as Produce Ingots or Use Mining Tools, House of Luck, Helicopter Orders, Mining, Feed Animals, etc.

    We're looking for: Serious racers who like to work hard, maintain Gold Status, and win when possible, but who aren’t concerned about going to extremes or placing on the Global Leader Board.

    The 5 of us have been racing together for at least one year. We were a part of a larger, gold league co-op for most of that time but just split off a few weeks ago to create our own co-op. We were promoted each week and just earned First Place in our first golden league race. We won’t hesitate to boot a freeloader, but we also understand that each of us has a life outside this game and unforeseen situations sometimes happen. If you value fair rules and generous, hardworking teammates, this is a great co-op for you!

    Contact Us: If you have any questions, you can private message Kitty4715 on this forum. You can apply directly to the co-op in the game or you can apply through our closed FB page
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    Golden league Co-Op: Olympus Has Fallen (#Y5D5QJ) - Seeking New Members!
    Please Read this Post for more information!

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    YCo-op Name: Sexytown
    Co-op Tag: SEXRNZ
    Co-op Status: By Request only
    Co-op Icon Description: Purple Horseshoe
    Number of Members: 25-30
    Level Requirement: 26
    Language: English

    We offer: fun group who offers help to other teammates. Require you to help teammates at least four tasks per regatta however most of us do 10 to 15 we are in the gold league. Daily play is nice but if you don't help the team you will get booted. We all chat with each other and have fun

    We're looking for people who are friendly and helpful

    Contact Us: search by sexytown or #SEXRNZ

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    League of ducks


    Co-op Name: League of Ducks
    Co-op Tag:*#E983X7
    Co-op Status: Open for now
    Co-op Icon Description: purple chicken icon with golden border
    Number of Members: 28
    Level Requirement: 30

    We offer:
    We are a friendly and active coop that aims at being high in the leaderboards in the gold bracket.
    We are understanding and do allow our members to opt out of racing if needed.
    Any members who race and end up doing less than half of the 8 minimum required tasks will be instantly kicked unless you let us know why.
    We are a very communicative guild and we use the in-game chat including the "Line" chatting app to communicate.

    We're looking for people who:*
    Are active and are able to do at least 8 or more 120 and above tasks per regatta consistently.
    Communicate well with the rest of the guild to keep misunderstandings to a minimum.

    Contact Us:
    You can add me on
    Line: HeavyChickenGuy (my picture is the picture of a white Saab with the hood open in the snow)


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