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Thread: Memo - Nov 5th 16

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    Memo - Nov 5th 16


    Just a few notes about some issues that have popped up.

    - if you experience a problem/issue within the game, please do contact Help and Support from within your game settings if you are able to. You may find that the relevant articles and/or advice from members of the forum may help resolve your issue. But if this is not the case, please report the problem as soon as possible.

    - If you have posted on the Forum, but your post is not visible, it probably means that your post has been placed under moderation. This can happen if the automatic detection system picks up a word or phrase suggesting the post may contain spam. The more likely reason is that you have registered your e-mail address as your username. If you get a private message asking you to provide an alternative username, please reply as soon as possible, so that you can participate fully in the Forum. There is more information here:!

    -We are still trying to come up with an acceptable format for the recruitment process for the co-ops. As a temporary measure, there are threads for each platform and/or compatible platforms. We ask that you post on behalf of your co-op once a week at the most and that you only post in the relevant thread. It is very much a work in progress, so please bear with us.

    -Several co-ops have opened groups for their discussions. The only thing you need to remember is that whatever you post within these groups is visible to the whole Forum. Please do not start a thread for your co-op discussions as it will clog up the Forum if everybody did this.

    Have a great weekend
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