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Thread: Pride Flag

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    Pride Flag

    There are so many national flags, but what about a pride flag, and a trans flag?

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    Sorry, but adding Any places of worship, any flags other than national/state flags was already ruled out by the devs. You can take a look at the full list of rejected ideas here.

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    Dear , township
    Our coop called Township Jollie :-)
    We play with 15 different countries in our coop .
    Indonesia - America - Netherlands - Belgium - Australia - Germany - Spain - Scotland - England - Wales - Hungary - India - Malesia - Slovenia - Macedonia .
    my intention is to place these flags in my city .
    I still have 2 flags to short from Slovenia - Macedonia . Unfortunately they are not among all other flags . I find this very sad . I am proud of my team as a leader , i want to show my team that i am behind them with my heart and soul !
    would it be possible to add these 2 flags Slovenia - Macedonia in township please ?
    greetings ,
    Jolanda van laarhoven

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