I love all of the games for the most part. I do have a few suggestions;

I absolutely love the nighttime view in Gardenscapes, I love it so much I don’t want to do the next task. Can you make night view available as a setting.

I often can’t stand Austin and his annoying expressions, pop ups, follow characters...etc. please consider allowing the “skip” option to actually skip all the pop ups. It could be a setting like farm town has with turn off follow character.

The 3-5 pop ups and feeding fish in past tanks on Fishdom is frustrating. There was the option to “don’t show this again” that was taken away.

I used to spend money on these games, but have stopped due to these annoyances.

I adore the different rooms, gardens, tanks....but don’t want to be goaded into interacting when I’m already aggravated and need a matching game to calm down.