This is my first post on this forum, but I have visited it from time to time in the last year. From reading posts from other people, I discovered that not everyone who is on the same level, has earned the same amount of stars. In most cases, simply because when they were playing those levels, certain game elements such as the superhard level (2 star reward) didn't exist back then. Also it appears that some gardentasks used to cost more stars and got downgraded.

This seems quite unfair to me. This way you are punishing your long time players. Especially players that are on the maximum level at the moment such as myself, playing chest games, waiting for new levels. Why not reward us with stars for the chest games, at least until we've 'caught up' to the amount of stars we would have had if we started and finished a new garden right now? It wouldn't be that big of a complicated change for the game, the chest levels exist anyway. Just swap out the keys with stars.

Well, glad to get that off my chest. 😁