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Thread: Limiting number of fish in tank.

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    Limiting number of fish in tank.

    I'd like to be able to purchase an unlimited number of fish for my tanks. In trying to earn the 3 stars to complete a tank, I have to keep buying more and more items. Many of my tanks look too cluttered. I'd rather add more fish than buildings, people, animals, plants, etc. You use coins to purchase both. Why limit the number of fish?????

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    I agree with you. I would love more fish in my tanks and cut down on the clutter. I would not mind if they adjust the amount of coins we receive for feeding them to keep the game balance.

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    Hey there!

    It’s hard to disagree here with you guys, as I love to have those precious fish in my aquariums too Don’t hesitate, I’ll be sure to forward your feedback onto our devs for further consideration

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    Me too! I do not like having to buy all that ‘stuff’ to fill up the aquarium so it looks like a mess, just to open a new one! And the further you go into the game, the more you have to buy to get another star! Enough of this!

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    I so agree! My Medieval aquarium is so full of Christmas stuff that you can hardly see anything else and my Primeval one looks ridiculous with Valentine and Easter items spread around it. Someone in another thread suggested an aquarium just for special events, although I guess it would soon fill up. I wouldn't even mind not being able to count the points from event items so that I wouldn't think twice about storing them and would have a nice looking tank! I'd much rather have more fish and appropriate items for them to play around.

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    I totally agree! I do not like a cluttered looking tank. If I can purchase both with my coins, then I want more fish please!

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