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Thread: Add Barn Capacity Indicator

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    Add Barn Capacity Indicator

    To make checking your barn status easier and to save having to move across town to go to barn, please add a
    BARN CAPacity tab to upper left corner of screen, below POPulation indicator.
    BARN CAPacity indicator should always show capacity as: current level/max capacity (like population).
    In addition, when you tap BARN CAPcaity indicator, it should open Barn so you can check details of what is in Barn but without moving you to Barn location. (Similar to when you tap the Gems indicator at to left of screen).

    This would enable easily knowing how much free space is available in Barn at a glance from anywhere in the town.
    It would also enable checking on specific item quantities when at Market for example or when new plane needs are revealed, without having to move across town and go back to where you were just to check an items quantity.

    Thank you,

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    I would love to see this as well. Would be much more efficient. I care more for barn stats than population stats. Or you could get rid of the gem stats as I find that useless. Barn stats are more useful for playing the game.

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    I agree, this is a great idea

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    I have asked about this when I started playing two years ago. Never got an answer from Playrix. A barn tab is something I always wanted Playrix to add.

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    Great Idea. Much Needed.

    One thing I hate about the barn though, is it doesn't show ZERO items!

    What I do to partially make up for that is, I keep one field separate, and easily accessible. That way I can keep it free, or to grow a quick item and free it again. So, when I click on it, I can scroll through the products grown, to at least see how many, or little, of them I have....

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