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Thread: Add New Flowers

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    Add New Flowers

    There aren't many flowers to choose from. We need flowers & flowering bushes and trees in all colors used in TS.

    Here is a specific idea...

    Make white flowering bushes like those seen on the film fountain.

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    Daffodils would be a good addition

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    We already have daffodils.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    We already have daffodils.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPT_LFC View Post
    In Township - under their genus name: Narcissi (Narcissus). Look on your flower tab in decorations and you will find them.

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    Thank you, I was just scrolling through quick and looking at names and not pictures, and didn't see daffodils

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    I have been asking for more flowers for a while, like seasonal flowers, in pots, and even more in the tree form and Bush form. Also more of different tress.

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