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Thread: 07.03 Interview with the Women of the Fishdom Team

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    07.03 Interview with the Women of the Fishdom Team

    This is Jacob, reporting live for Aquarium News! Today we have three very interesting guests from the Fishdom team here. Olga, a level designer...
    Olga: Hi, everyone!

    Faya, an artist...
    Faya: Hi!

    And Sasha, a game designer.
    Sasha: Howdy!

    As you might already know, we gave our players the chance to ask you about Fishdom and your role in the project. They sent us lots of great questions, including a few difficult ones, I have to say.
    Sasha: Cool! I like tough questions.

    Okay, let's get started then! First, can you tell us a bit about yourselves and what you do? How did you get started in the video game industry?
    Olga: Before actually making games, I was a keen Township and Fishdom player. My husband started working as an analyst at Playrix, and through him I met some of the people who would become my future colleagues. Meeting them made me realize that working at Playrix would be my dream job! My dream came true, and now I'm working on my favorite project—Fishdom
    Faya: When I have free time, I like playing games, drawing, and doodling My love of gaming and drawing lead me to the video game industry.
    Sasha: When I was still at university, I heard there was a game company in my town. And I thought, "Wow, that's awesome! I want to work at Playrix!" Well, a few years I am!

    But what is it that you need to study to start making games? What did you major in?
    Olga: I have a degree in Economics.
    Faya: I went to an art school as a child, and then I went on to study at the Institute of Culture and Arts and majored in teaching art.
    Sasha: I studied to be a journalist. I have to say, people come from all sorts of backgrounds to work in the video game industry. Games are really multifaceted. That's why there's no such thing as a single set of game making skills—you just have to be passionate about games and game development and bring what you know to them.

    Here's a difficult question! Why do you think there aren't so many women working in the game industry?
    Sasha: Well, I think that depends on the society we live in. Games are generally considered more of a "man's thing." Plus, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about making games is programming—and there just aren't as many female programmers. In reality, however, there are a lot of opportunities to get into the industry—not everyone's aware of them or brave enough to go for it though.

    I've heard that you can't do without programming in the game industry. Is that true? Are you able to program?
    Sasha: I can't. If you can do programming, of course, it'll come in handy. But what's more important is to play different games, analyze how they work, know who your audience is, and what your players want. You need to follow the industry trends—that's what matters.

    Why did you choose Fishdom?
    Olga: Fishdom sort of started a new genre: it brought together match-3 levels and aquarium decoration—it was quite unusual and, for that reason, very interesting. I played Fishdom even before I started working on this project, so it was a very easy decision for me. Plus, the game is in a class of its own, with beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay. Which is why it's perfect for everyone. You know, my kid just loves it.

    What exactly is it that you do in Fishdom?
    Faya: At the moment I'm working on the interface design, or UI, in the industry lingo. Sometimes it can be quite tiring, but right now my experience is valuable in this area.
    Olga: I started off with designing match-3 levels. Now I'm responsible for the quality of levels in the project.
    Sasha: I'm in charge of whatever our fish have to say. I'm also involved in creating new characters and writing stories about the fish for our Facebook community.

    What's the best thing about your job?
    Sasha: Creating new characters! When you choose a name and a background, decide on what a character might's all so exciting! I also like reading our players' feedback. Some of their comments help me see the game from a different perspective. For example, we were asked if Leo (Leo the ray) has a wife and kids
    Faya: More than anything, it's working with creative people. I always watch our artists at work and learn something from them, and they learn something from me too. We're like mountain climbers: tied together with one rope and dedicated to conquering new peaks!
    Olga: The team I work with! They are wonderful people and great professionals. Even though I know that the levels I design will be transformed or adjusted on further stages along the way, I am delighted to know that they're still the levels that millions of people all over the world will play!

    Okay, now I have some more specific questions for you. Olga, players always have a lot of questions about the timed levels. What's the trick there? Is there any way to beat them in the first go?
    Olga: The main trick is to really want to win! But generally, it's all about reaching level goals and making as many power-ups as you can, rather than thinking through a few steps ahead. Also, the timer only starts after you make the first move, so there's time at the start to look at the field and see what you can do. Personally, I tend to do better so long as I don't notice that I'm playing against the clock

    My next question is for Faya. What's it like to work as an artist?
    Faya: It's not so easy, to be honest. You might think, "Oh, I'm going to show everyone how it's done!" And then you get feedback from your colleagues and realize that maybe there is a thing or two that you can actually learn from them. You also need to draw fast, no matter how you're feeling at the moment or even if your inspiration just isn't there.

    We have a few questions about game design. Sasha, is it possible to add more female names for the fish in the game?
    Sasha: Of course! It's a good idea. I always enjoy the process of coming up with names for our fish, so you might see the new ones in one of the upcoming updates.

    What about female characters? Are you planning to introduce more of them into the game?
    Sasha: I can't tell you all our plans, sorry, but I hope you'll see more new Fishdom characters this year—and some of them might be female!

    I can't wait! But let's talk about the Fishdom characters we already know. Any favorites? Maybe a certain fish you like most?
    Olga: I like pufferfish. And my favorite character is Sir Goldflipper—I love pearls just as much as he does.
    Faya: It's hard to say. I like all aquarium fish, no exceptions! As for our characters, I really like Leo the ray—he's really cute
    Sasha: Leo is my favorite too. I just love this little blue talking dumpling. We made so many sketches of him! He turned out to be a very kind and soft-hearted character. I'm really happy to have been part of the process of his creation.

    And, traditionally, you have the chance to say something to the Fishdom players on this wonderful festive day.
    Sasha: Dream big, go for your goals, and don't forget to feed the fish!
    Faya: Dear ladies, I wish you all lots of love. May your loved ones always be with you, and may happiness keep your heart warm. Hugs and kisses to everyone
    Olga: Love, peace, and kindness for everyone! May your biggest dreams come true! Thank you for being with us. We love you, and we'll keep working to keep the games coming for you!
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    Many thanks for this interview, very entertaining and interesting!

    Would you please add the info above, who is who in the photo. Add their names in a subtitle maybe? It would become more "personal" then than just guessing.
    And I would like to know how many men are working in their environment, maybe departments?

    Thanks in advance

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    DD - they are all 3 identified by name in the introduction. Olga (long hair, middle part); Faya (long hair, bangs); Sasha (short, dark hair).

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    hi Nana, names sure, but I don't read anything like you said about hair in the intro; where do you see that? I wanted exactly that relation between the names and the photo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    hi Nana, names sure, but I don't read anything like you said about hair in the intro; where do you see that? I wanted exactly that relation between the names and the photo.
    I think the assumption is that they are named as they appear in the photo, left to right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    I think the assumption is that they are named as they appear in the photo, left to right.
    That is a possibility, just as well as right to left. That is why I mentioned in my post that we would be just guessing. Why should it be so difficult to simply say it instead...

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    I really enjoy this great game. Thanks to all you ladies for taking this time to respond. I am with Olga on favorite characters, I just think Sir Goldflipper is the cutest! Been playing Fishdom for a long time (this is my second game, as I started over, so that's why there is a 2 beside Kimbo (lol)). Anyway, great interview and very informative. Thanks to Lyuba too, always appreciate how you interact with us.

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    Why are we waiting so long for the 3 AQUARIUMS to open and why is Christmas and Valentine's ornaments the same as last years

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    Hello Ladies ~ Thank you so much for sharing with us today. I find it very interesting to know a small touch of the people behind the scenes. I have been playing Fishdom religiously for well over 1 1/2 years now, currently on Level 1401 and love it as so many of us do. I have a question..What are the ‘Gold Members’ who are communicating here today? Thank you once again and have a lovely day Ladies ~ Rebecca H. aka RainboStar

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    Hi RainboStar,

    the member status thing, incl. Gold member, is explained in the Forum Rules and Information section in this thread:

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