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Thread: So tired of fighting with this game,

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    So tired of fighting with this game,

    Tired of fighting with this game! Correct me if I am wrong, but Ithought the whole point of a game was to be fun and relaxing. This simply is not. I have been stuck at level 151 for three weeks! I am not sinking any more money into this game and getting nothing out of it. I will step aside and let the next sucker in line spend their hard earned cash for nothing. I will contine to play Hay Day. At least there if I spend money, I know I am getting something productive for it.

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    Im right there with you. Im getting pretty dicouraged too. But i havent gotten as far as you have.

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    It s not nearly as satisfying as the first Gardenscapes.

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    Stuck on level 98. Progress far too slow. No fun. Think l'll give up and find something else to play.

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    I'm getting really sick of getting 1 day an 23 hours to play an as soon as I get to 1 day an 19 hours it go back to the chest I'm about to give up on this game I'm on level 400

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