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Thread: Missing exploded fireworks in contest

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    Missing exploded fireworks in contest

    I play Gardenscape mostly during week-ends, so I enjoy the Fireworks contest in wich I am in Emerald league.
    Today, but also two weeks ago, I have noticed that, on Sunday , I never get the correct number of fireworks after I finish a level. I count (aprox) the exploded fireworks, but I don't get more than 35, even if I explode much more. This is very frustating.
    On Friday, it was ok. I've got even more than 100 per finished level, and, according to my approximation, it was ok.
    I don't know if is a bug in the game or if some hacker block that part of the contest for others, just to be first or something.
    Please try to fix this.
    Thank you

    Did anyone else had that problem?


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    Does your phone have the game launcher or any kind of a built-in recorder? Samsung phones have that nowadays, I know iPhones have smth like that too.

    My point is you could just record the gameplay and send it to them. But hey, reporting is probably best anyway.

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    I just want to point out that the fireworks only count if you create them by matching 4 tiles during the level. The ones already on the board at the start of the level, the ones created at the end of the level by falling tiles, or any given for the extra moves remaining don't count towards the total.
    If you took that into account and it's not the case in your situation, then i would report it. Would be great if you could attach a video to prove it, as Marshmellow suggested.

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