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  • New Flowers/Plants & Regular Decorations (Higher Levels)

    4 100.00%
  • New/More Less Costly "New OR Level Up" Fish To Buy

    2 50.00%
  • Better Exchange Rate When Selling Purchased Decor/Fish

    2 50.00%
  • A Separate Tab For Storing Our Items

    3 75.00%
  • More Events or Special Side Challenges Like Holiday Style Ones

    3 75.00%
  • More Ways To Earn Coins

    3 75.00%
  • Cost of Living in Fishdom Matches Earnings More Closely

    2 50.00%
  • More Consistent Fishbowl Leveling Up

    2 50.00%
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Thread: FreshWater Ideas For Our Fishdom Worlds

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    FreshWater Ideas For Our Fishdom Worlds With Voting POLL (Vote Please)


    I’ve been playing fishdom for a long spell now and am now at level 900ish so hope my ideas are in range with what others may also wish for.

    My first idea has to do with the items we can buy. I would love to see more flowers ������������ and plants�������������� ��� added to our selection. We have a great deal of leafy stock but would love to see more vibrant colorful options as well. When you're up this high you're at the end of the times when new ones pop maybe a few more can be planted and pop up for us ������ (a quick second thought would be maybe introducing less costly fish as newbies in conjunction with the level increase newbies we get bc sometimes we don't need so many points to complete a bowl or just would enjoy a few low cost beauties as newbies too

    Also if we could see more of the items that aren't the featured ones for the particular levels/fishbowls we are decorating within.

    I realize space may be an issue so maybe you could have a contest or create a poll, some exciting way that allows everyone to have a voice in which pieces are retired or even an art contest to allow others to create some fascinating and exciting new items ������

    Of course if you create more we will buy them up as we always do so that may mean we decide to take out some items from one bowl and either sell them, move them to another bowl or ideally store them for when we choose to use/place them again. With this in mind I was wondering if we could have a separate tab for storage? This would be especially helpful when we go through the contests and events that are seasonal and like in regular everyday life wish to take down our decorations to prepare for the next big holiday ������

    Lastly when it comes to decor and all the coins we need to purchase those items it sure would be nice to have a raise in our earnings because even in fishdom, the higher you go in levels so too goes the cost of living in each new fishbowl but too like in real life in fishdom the wages just dont seem to move according to the cost it takes to make certain we are able to buy what is required to get to the next bowl lol. May we please have a raise in our earnings or have more ways to gain more coins? Please don't make us buy them as most of us are living in the same world just described in my comparison and most of us need a raise in the real one too lol!

    A cool few ideas I thought may be considered were that we could be allowed to send funds as gifts to our friends or we could get a cost reduction in the amount the items cost us. We can't afford to sell our oldies but goodies because the exchange rate is akin to the dollar/pound/euro being traded for Pesos/rupiah or even a few others sometimes. Its tough when you don't have ways to earn unless you're able to beat a level and get stuck on that level for so long that you're not making any money once all is calculated. An example of this is when we had the Valentine's Day event and I never was able to get the last fish because I was stuck for so long I ran out of contest time to make the purchase of it and I'm sure I'm not alone in being unable to get the beautiful blue darling. Maybe we could get more money when we surpass the though levels or aside from the gifting back and forth we can earn more than 3-27 per feeding at a friend's fishbowl. Just some ideas that maybe would make it possible for us to keep up with those of our fellow fishdom friends who have many fewer levels won and are far ahead of us somehow in their fishbowl level...this isn't something Im able to figure out the "how come" or "how did they get so far ahead with less wins" quandary this causes but hopefully I can find that answer here too ������

    I truly truly love playing fishdom and will continue to with or without my suggestions amounting to anything but hope you will consider them regardless lol. Thanks for providing a means by which our voices can be heard and I look forward to seeing our ideas being actual things that come to the fishdom world we all are having a wonderful time living in ���������������� �
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    I do not think we need more low cost decorations. Actually I would ask for the contrary. As we need more and more beauty points to get the 3 stars, our tanks get way too full of stuff.

    As we gain stars, we get more and more points for each level we solve. Each star give us a bonus of 20 points for each finished levels. Not much but it adds up.

    Some random players get ads in the game. By looking at them they can get coins or 1 gem. Even if they get stuck on a level, they may earn coins every day this way. We do not know who get to see them and they come and go.

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    My apologies if I mistakenly said low cost decor I mainly meant some fresh new decor but did wish for some lower cost ranges of fish which that I find important because now every fish that comes into our range for purchase is over 10k and as I move up they've started costing near 20k each and well to me that's just way to high when you consider the amount of coins we are able to earn, the length of time it takes to even get near the earnings required to pay that much and too just because it would be nice to be able to add more fish that aren't always the most expensive ones for the use in making the needed amt of points to get your stars esp when youre not needing as much as the high end fish give you when adding them. Also I just love the fish as that's truly the reasoning behind my game play lasting this long lol. I don't think it would be so terrible to have a mix at the higher levels. I mainly wished for more flowers/plants/trees and general decor (not the fishbowl specific earned decor) because I've long since run through the ones we have available now and neither the plant or general decor tabs are being added to anymore. Hope this clarifies any confusion I may have managed to create lol.

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