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Thread: Upgrading Factories

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    Upgrading Factories

    Is there a limit to how many levels you can upgrade a factory to? I have been randomly upgrading them but I think I should apply more structure.

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    Yes, there are limits:

    Feed Mill: Max Level: 13, Time: -50% (Level 13), Shelves: 8
    Factories: Max Level: 53, Time: -50% (Level 27), Shelves: 8, Coins: 100%, Experience: 100%.
    Trains: Max Level: 31, Time -50% (Level 21), Experience: 100%.
    Islands: Max Level: 31, Time -50% (Level 21), 2nd Good +10% Chance, 3rd Good +10% Chance.

    You can find more info on this on the Academy of Industry wiki page.

    My advice is to start with the bakery/dairy/sugar factories, and bring them to 50% production time, you need a lot of those items in other factories. Next step (at least what i did) is to upgrade the factories most needed in regatta tasks, and got the 2 extra shelves, which is perfect for tasks that require 8 of a certain product. Then, focus on time again.
    Another tip would be to focus just on one factory at a time, and produce only the ingots you need for the next upgrade. That way they won't take a lot of space in your barn.

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