To spice things up a bit on our amazing Forum, we will start giving rewards (T-cash) to users at the beginning of every month because...well just because we love you guys! Hopefully as time goes by we will have more active and helpful community members!

This month's contest is about helping, and the winner is....*DRUMROLL*.... Scramm!

He was among the first ones who supported our Forum. He contributed over 170 posts and pioneered Community Based Township Guides/Tips thread to help other Townshippers. Congrats, Scramm! You will receive 200 T-cash!

NOTE: The rules of this monthly forum contest will change every month. We will not let you guys know any specifics in advance, so be ready for surprises! Post count will NOT be the main criterion of this comptetion and spamming will not win you the forum contest. Be friendly and enjoy communicating with other players! Have fun!