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Thread: 02.03 Fastfood Stars Event Is Live!

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    02.03 Fastfood Stars Event Is Live!

    Hi, everyone!

    AMAZING NEWS! The FASTFOOD STARS event starts today!

    ๐Ÿ” Open your own Diner to serve as many customers as you can;
    ๐ŸŸUpgrade the Diner to achieve higher results in the competition;
    ๐Ÿ•Make temporary goods: Chef's Hat, Cookbook, Tablecloth, Spatula;
    ๐ŸŽ‚ Check out 8 custom decorations in the store.

    We can't wait to receive your feedback! Comment away you guys!

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    Just went to play Township, can only play about 10 secs & it crashes.
    Tried uninstall, installing, cleared cachest but it's still the same.
    Reported the issue but as everyone knows it takes days for them to get back.
    I tried finishing a task & started another,
    On my game it says I didn't finish task but on my co-op friends pages I did finish task, started other task but it's not registering that I'm doing task
    So fed up with Playrix.... they never get back to you & when they do they haven't the decency to compensate you for your inconvenience

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    They only need to compensate if it's their own fault and not yours. Seeing as no one else is having issues, the problem may lay at your end.

    Are you almost out of storage space on your device for example

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    Hi Anna, I really do like the cooking Events. Thanks to the Devs for adding the little "candies" (introduced with the last cooking event too), to keep our customers more content , and helps people (like me) who it takes a second to focus on the requested items, and who struggle a little with mobility issues. Do like the new Hot Dog swing, and appreciate the new players being able to purchase some past deco's. The addition of the deep fryer, very cool!

    NEW: The Event Center just "rocks," very well done! The details the Devs put into the presentation of the EC (makes me want all those decorations for purchase-lol), and all the other wonderful things they give us, is just absolutely amazing. Don't know if it will ever happen, but really hoping the cooking event will be eventually added as a permanent side-game (already on our most frequent requested items). Thanks again guys

    Lucky, sorry to hear you are having problems, hope it get works out soon for you.
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    why didnt i get the Fast Food Stars in my PC ;
    How to get it, and what kan i do to get the video back

    the mayer of Uptown

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayer of uptown View Post
    why didnt i get the Fast Food Stars in my PC ;
    How to get it, and what kan i do to get the video back

    the mayer of Uptown
    If you're playing on Windows - that is a different version of Township, and it doesn't have all features implemented yet. The events started to be included, but on different schedules than on the Android/iOS/Kindle version, there was a restaurant event earlier this year already. This event (or another one) will probably start later than on the mobile version.

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    event taking too much T-cash

    So I really love the event "mini games" . I do have one thing to complain about (as most people do) the way they have put to speed up a refill it costs one T-cash. I'll be darned if I haven't accidentally hit that darn thing at least 20 times by now!!!! Usually there is a confirmation that pops up asking if you really want to use T-cash, but not for this and it kind of stinks. But not enough to make me not play. Lol

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    I am so stressed with this event...I press nothing and it keeps taking my t-cash away. I am not enjoying a little bit...I have no money to throw away playrix. Very badly thought this idea.

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    I agree, it is way too easy to hit the 1-T refresh button when you're swiping to complete an order. Swipe the lettuce to the burger and accidently refresh the cheese. The last restaurant style event had the same problem.

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    Happy I'm not the only one this is happening to! lol

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