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Thread: 02.03 Meet Our Spring Update!

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    I've maxed out on level's.... Am I going to be able to play the Easter event? It's bad enough that I don't get the fireworks event anymore since reaching the max level's, it would stink if I couldn't play the Easter event :\

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    A spring update is great, but my game is still showing Christmas decor on everything. I'm harvesting Easter eggs with Xmas trees and lights.

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    On level 2326. Need stars to progress but no more levels to play.
    Is this another game I’m just going to have to delete and forget about.

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    Почему вкладка События не доступна? Уже две недели нет ни шляпы, ни Джонни, не выращивается цветок. Это только у меня так или сбой какой то?

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    Now that Spring is here can you get rid of the Christmas decorations in the garden please! Love the new Easter games.

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    Sure no prob

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    I have also spend way too much real $$ for it to not contine. Come on guys this game is my crack!!

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    So I just registered to post my thoughts on the upcoming anime update and I totally DISLIKE! Could this be optional or something to that effect...On the flip side I appreciate all the other updates especially being able to skip once you've beat a level and the Magic Hat event comes in handy especially when for one of those Super Hard levels

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    I noticed the post about changing Austin and friends to anime characters. I really like everyone just they way they are. I don't think I will like the change to anime. Could you make it an option to change how the characters look just like we can on many of the objects in the game?

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    Je suis d'accord il faudrait plus de niveaux car après on retourne encore au coffre et on ne gagne pas de clés c'est vraiment dommage pas possible d'avancer dans le jardin

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