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Thread: the safe i earned coins for

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    the safe i earned coins for

    why do i have to spend real $ for a safe that i earned coins for? i thought if you got so many coins you get the safe. maybe make it where you get so many stars to be able to have it? i find that we go through the puzzles and earn coins, why not give us what we earned?

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    Hi Rebecca - welcome to the Forum. Your question has been raised a number of times and, unfortunately, when the safe first appeared a few months back, it wasn't made very clear that we would need to purchase the contents rather than win them. The only way to look at it is that there are more additional coins going into the safe when you win a level than you would normally get for winning it. You do still get the usual amount (50+ or 100+ depending on the difficulty of the level) added to your existing coins so whatever goes in the safe is a bonus. Some players do like to buy coins and, for them, this is a fairly cheap way to buy quite a few of them - or at least it is in the UK. Players who don't want to buy coins just ignore the safe.

    It has all been a bit confusing, I'm afraid, but is not really an event like the orangery or fireworks show.
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    Here's a way for the Devs to clarify things.

    If you click on the safe, then click on the 'i' in the upper left corner, it brings up a description of how things work. After "the chance to buy a safe at a great price," they should add "(in-App purchase)". That will help avoid misunderstandings.

    While they're at it, it would be nice if they provided an option to move the safe to the new 'Current/Future Events' area, so it doesn't take up screen real estate when it's not being used.

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    So is this safe ever going to go away, or it just part of the game now?

    It's rude to begin with, for reasons already mentioned (you earned the right to spend money!) and I hate that it takes up space on my screen. I also just really miss Austin clapping at the end of each level. Dorky, but I do, and it's annoying to see him pushing the same safe at me.

    I've tried waiting it out and buying the safe and nothing makes it go away. I've made it to level 1400 but this is the thing that will finally push me over the edge to stop playing. It's no fun to have to navigate a hard sell to play a game.

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