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Thread: Daughter Can't Find My Co-op

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    Question Daughter Can't Find My Co-op

    My daughter has just reached level 19 and spent real cash to get enough bills to complete the building immediately. She excitedly looked up my coop but it did not show in the results. She searched using the coop title and the coop tag but nothing.

    She set up her own coop and i searched for her but the same, no results with text or tag search.

    Is there a reason for this?

    She is using an android tablet and i am on a windows 10 mini tablet but i was sure there are other members of the coop who are using different platforms to play so surely that can't be why? Surely i'm not playing Township is just a windows world? Are we all just playing in our own platform version of the game?

    She has since left her coop but i have checked the settings on mine just to be sure and it is open with 10 spaces but it just doesn't show up anywhere.

    Is there a way we can become friends across different platforms?

    Any help, or ideas, and solutions would be gratefully received.
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