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Thread: Daughter Can't Find My Co-op

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    Question Daughter Can't Find My Co-op

    My daughter has just reached level 19 and spent real cash to get enough bills to complete the building immediately. She excitedly looked up my coop but it did not show in the results. She searched using the coop title and the coop tag but nothing.

    She set up her own coop and i searched for her but the same, no results with text or tag search.

    Is there a reason for this?

    She is using an android tablet and i am on a windows 10 mini tablet but i was sure there are other members of the coop who are using different platforms to play so surely that can't be why? Surely i'm not playing Township is just a windows world? Are we all just playing in our own platform version of the game?

    She has since left her coop but i have checked the settings on mine just to be sure and it is open with 10 spaces but it just doesn't show up anywhere.

    Is there a way we can become friends across different platforms?

    Any help, or ideas, and solutions would be gratefully received.
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    Hi Peachville. Sadly, the answer is Windows platform is not compatible with iOS/Android/Kindle.

    See this link:

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    There are definite updates that i see on android that i can't get on windows.. but i did enjoy the recent restaurant task.. that was a nice new surprise.

    I've heard of others transferring their game play but it being a bit hit and miss and i guess that is device based rather than platform? I'm trying to convince my daughter to create a new town on her large laptop.. she's telling me to go android -i'm almost 60 levels ahead at this point so not likely ..haha!!

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    Thank you Nana for the quick response and for the really informative link. I knew there were some compatibility issues but didn't realise just how far they went.

    Are we literally playing in separate worlds then and our paths won't accidentally cross trying to help each other out?

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    Pretty much, Peachville. Also, Windows platform on tablets came much later than the other platforms, so I don’t know if they have caught up yet with all the game elements - in the early going they were behind, but that may not be the case now.

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    Hi Peachville,

    Unfortunately it's not possible to transfer a township from windows 10 to android and vice versa. So if you go to android, it will indeed mean having to start over from scratch. While the games on these two platforms look very much the same, under the hood they really are not, and there's no way to connect.

    As someone that actually -had- to switch from windows to Android (my win phone broke down and my new one was an Android one) I can tell you though that that's not all bad:

    1. You finally get to connect with your daughter! I was thrilled to be able to finally connect with my sons in game.

    2. You don't actually start from scratch, you start with all the knowledge of the game up until your current lvl. You can take the opportunity to build up your town smarter, with better priorities, smarter resources spent.

    3. The game's worth the replay actually. At least I've found it at least as enjoyable as the first run.

    I'm now finally 2 lvl's beyond my abandoned windows township. And I have a way bigger barn, way more upgraded factories and way higher lvl zoo to show for it compared to my old township. And I enjoyed every step along the way of developing my 2nd township.

    Also, my sons quit playing XD

    Good luck making a decision!

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    Thank you Vuurvl for you feedback.

    I have started playing the game on my android phone but the screen is just too small to really get stuck in and properly enjoy it. I have very quickly gone through the levels and surpassed where my daughter is at and she's very much a sporadic player and hasn't picked up her tablet for a few days now either. This has made it easy to decide i'm not going to get rid of my Windows version but i am loving some of the small details that i didn't realise Windows users missed out on. I LOVE the animated decorations that really pick up the game - kids on the playground and people on the benches are such a sweet addition that i had no clue existed.

    At the moment I really am just going through the motions on my android phone but i will keep at it.

    My daughter does actually have an older tablet that is android - if i was to download to that i might see if i can load up my town and see where i go from there.. i'll be back with an update i'm sure

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