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Thread: Airplane Asking For Impossible...

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    Airplane Asking For Impossible...

    It happened twice that airplane asked for a product which I can’t produce as I have had not yet set up the respective factory and I lost compititive edge in Regetta. Please fix.

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    That is not unusual, once you reached a level where you could build a factory (even if you didn't yet), the items produced there will start being requested in the helicopter orders and in planes.
    You can buy those items in the market, they will start showing up there too, or request them from your co-op, or flag the plane crates for your friends to help you. Alternatively, you can delete the helicopter orders containing those items, and you can send the planes empty (but that means waiting for another plane if you're doing a plane regatta task).

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    Buying items in market or getting them from co-op or setting up a new factory shall be a matter of thrill, not a mandatory push.
    Winning or loosing in Regatta shall be outcome of smart strategy and time spend on the game and not a good/bad luck of airplane asking for available goods.
    It discourages.

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    That's why I seldom take airplane tasks in regatta except an unlucky mystery task. It is a management issue for me, not a luck-issue for me, and taking mystery task is my own decision, so no complaint there.

    About the help from friend/co-op: it is kind of unexpected/sweet feeling whenever someone helps me filled a difficult crate or several crates for me. I always consider it is a brilliant and excellent idea of township game. It gives us something to be thankful of and the feeling of connection with others, teammates or friends in the game.

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    If you are competitive enough to want to win, why would you pick a plane task as that's 4 planes, so it will take ages.

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    We could only get one trophy for the 1st place win, and after everyone in my co-op got the trophy, there's no need for us to win 1st place. It's a painful process to race to the top, we tried and tried for many weeks and kicked out several nice but lazy teammates, and got the trophy. Later on, we strove as a team to get trophy for everyone (some did not join the regatta when we won the 1st place the first time, or the 2nd time.....).

    There's another Chinese idiom for you, Vuurvl.
    Kill the chicken, so the monkey will be on its toes. (殺雞儆猴)

    After kicking out some nice but lazy guys, and finally got the trophy for every remaining teammate. We were kind of exhausted and some of us chose not to compete from then on, and the rest of us compete to earn the reward (especially for those hard to come by barn expansion tools). We choose an easy style of gaming and just having fun playing our favorite game.

    I was handed the leader position by my former leader, so I have to be there to cheer them on and get the fun of game going for them, or else my co-op will be like zombies .......

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    Abhina, I have to disagree, opening a factory is mandatory to progress in the game. And now you know why, because you need the ability to make those products. I don't know what level you are but this will happen again and again, so eventually you'll need to build all those factories. (The only factory that may not be mandatory is jewelry.)
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    JPT_LPC: Many times, that is the best choice available. At times, I know will be able to play only once in few hours and airplane works best.

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    Try boat tasks instead.

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    VEGANVILLE: Its not a game then. It’s a serious business.

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