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Thread: Interview with Buddy aka Cobalt Banana

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    Interview with Buddy aka Cobalt Banana

    Howdy, everyone!

    We are super excited to continue our series of interviews with Townshippers! Our interviewee today is Buddy, aka “Cobalt Banana”. Buddy is a real Township expert. A pro in electrical design, he had some interesting career twists working as a dishwasher, a cook and a night chef
    How cool is this guys?
    We couldn't miss our chance to get to know such a vibrant person better, so we asked Buddy a few questions.

    Interviewer: Hello, Buddy! Could you briefly introduce yourself to those of us who don’t yet know you?

    Buddy: Hello, fellow Township aficionados. I am Cobalt Banana (Buddy), and I am a Township junkie just like you! I have been playing the game for just over 3 years now and have been engaged with the Forum for 2 years. On the Forum, I function as a humorist and space cowboy in addition to my stooge, clown, and buffoon roles

    I.: By the way, how did you choose your forum name? Why Cobalt Banana?

    B.: It’s a handle that I formerly used when I was helping to start up a factory in Birmingham, Alabama in the early 1980's. We used walkie-talkies to communicate above the factory noise. The element cobalt can be radioactive, and bananas means crazy. On the walkie-talkies that is what I was, a radioactive nut. I am not quite the screwball I was back then, but the name has stuck with me over the years, and I dusted it off and redeployed it for my Forum name.

    I.: So, how did you become a Townshipper?

    B.: It was something I did to find another way to connect with my wife. I love her, you see? We had finished playing a game called Nemo's Reef, which is extinct now. It was the week before Christmas in 2014, and I was searching for a new game that we could play together when I stumbled upon Township. I knew this was the genre of game she enjoyed. I was playing some of the demo screens and leaned over and said, "Hey, look at this!" She did and said she might try it after Christmas. So, we both started playing about December 26th, and took to it like a ducks to water!

    I.: What’s your biggest achievement in the game?

    B.: I think I made a 99.9% square occupancy rate in my zoo the other day. That was huge! Oh, I don't know. It’s weird stuff, like finally getting the 8th box in the Beverage Shop in the zoo. That's a bruiser! Playing for 1000 days in a row is a feat. But the most important achievement for me is all the virtual friends I have made in the game and here.

    I.: What was your favorite Township event so far? Would you mind sharing any ideas for future events?

    B.: I don't know why, but I love that Airplane Event! Maybe because luck is a big factor and not skill. It’s a thrill when you have stayed aloft for a very long time, and you can't wait to see how far you have gone and how far you jump up the leaderboard. Future events, eh? Okay, perhaps games that resemble classic games from the infancy of arcade games, like Frogger, Pacman, and Space Invaders.

    I.: What would you do differently if you were just starting out again playing Township from scratch?

    B.: If I knew what I know now, I don't know if I could play the game again from scratch, because it is a much harder game to play than when I first started. It is like, could I go through college and get an Electrical Engineering degree now? So, I would really focus on getting as many high level friends as I could right out of the starting gate. Since we have Co-ops now, make sure you join a quality Co-op ASAP. Use the Forum threads, and keep trying until you are in the right place where you can get help to advance in the game and be happy.

    I.: How do you spend your free time outside of Township?

    B.: Reading for pleasure used to be a much larger portion of my free time than now. I am going to sue you for making such an addictive game! I enjoy watching older movies. Even with my Township, I still play Internet Chess. That game was my first love. Going for walks and reflecting and praying has a lot to make them worth recommending. This I do. Nana has retired from work, and in a year, so will I. I can't wait for that!

    I.: Do you prefer to stay in one place or travel around?

    B.: My wife and I are home bodies, but occasionally we enjoy junking. We usually visit a small town that is a county seat and see what the town has to offer. If you dare you can eat at a non-franchised local restaurant. And after that one can visit the flea markets and antique stores that are available there.

    I.: Do you get any real-life benefits from developing your town?

    B.: No statistical studies are available on this LOL Township is a long game. To be successful at Township you have to stick with it and try to be patient. It is a game of small victories, and you should celebrate these as you progress. My barn reached 2000! Yeah!! I am going to get a Turtle Pecan Cluster Blizzard for that! So, the lessons for me from building my town are to be patient and enjoy the ride.

    I.: Would you like to say anything to Township players and developers?

    B.: To the developers of Township, I would like to express my thanks. With this game you have given people another way to connect with each other. You have connected lives together that would not have been connected if not for this game. This is no small thing. So, we have fellowship with each other with the game as a backdrop. Nice. To the players, it is my hope that I can say something else to make you smile again. This Forum is a garden. It requires many workers to tend it properly so it will thrive. Please be kind to each other.

    Want to know more? Ask Buddy in the comments!

    P.S. We are on cloud nine as we have an interview with Graylady on the way, so stay tuned! If you want to share your story with the Township community, make sure you apply in this thread.
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    Very cool, Cobalt! Always wondered where that name came from! Great interview.
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    Great interview Buddy Nice to learn a little bit more about you. You do not say but did your wife stick to the game like you ?

    I am really happy we met on the forums
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    A very informative interview. So glad to meet you, cobalt love your sense of humor and writing style!! Many more happy years of towning!! . Thank you for supporting small town businesses!
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    Wahoo!!! I finally found out where the name Cobalt Banana came from. So great to read your interview and now I know where to go seeking recipes when I am in a cooking slump.

    Anna - thank you so much for continuing this series and I look forward to the Graylady interview.
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    hi Cobalt
    (although it feels strange now calling you radioactive... lol)

    many thanks for taking the time for this! it was fun to read! I also like the picture, close to your ingame pic, but also here with f.e. the little TS girls on the pic on the table - relatives of you?

    Now I would still like to hear more about the careers as "a dishwasher, a cook and a night chef", or the reasons for these "crossings" (?) - maybe, if you look for ideas for the Lounge next time, please..?

    LOL, Anna, nice expressing your joy about Graylady being next! looking forward to that, too!
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    Great interview, thanks guys

    Add me to the "woohoo! Now I know the name origin" group.

    Also curious as to whether your wife still plays, and if so is there friendly competition for certain objectives?
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    Great interview, always wondered how the name came to be. Also wondering if the wife stilll plays and if you are in the same coop?

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    Thank you everyone! My wife does still play, but Township is no longer No. 1.

    I also look forward to a Graylady interview. Hope it is just around the corner.

    You all rock,
    Kindest regards,
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    Great interview Cobalt! Very fun to read😄
    I love the picture they used for you, I got a notification in game and instantly knew the interview was with you!

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