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    John Rocket

    Just anyone else getting bored with the John Rocket feature? Once you are in the ruby league, there is nowhere else to progress. Plus getting into the top 10 is impossible unless you have very deep pockets and the time to sit and play all day.

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    True ruby league is boring. I cant agree with getting on top 10 is need to pay. I used to was 3rd without paying. Also never spend cash on this or orhers game. I do agree getting high in top 10 may req a some time with playing. But i remember on thundershow i had some levels hoarded so it wasnt so hard to do. Nowa-days im mostly lacking of new levels each week so I cant participate as many lower levels players.

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    Well, I guess everything gets old but I never get 2 festivals in a now. Idk they seem pretty focused on events, I always start playing on the weekend.

    But hey I've never been in the ruby league. ^^

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