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Thread: No more gardening to do!!

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    No more gardening to do!!

    I'm up to level 414 and have just finished off the 4th garden, was expecting the next area to open up but it says there is no further area yet but it is being worked on. Anyone have any idea when we can expect this? Realise there has only just recently been an update so I guess it could be quite a long way off yet.

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    Strange because i am on lev 479 and doing the chests waiting for the next 25 levels and haven't finished the area

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    I think I was one of the lucky ones that had the stars bug working in my favour, vast majority of my tasks only ever needed 1 or 2 stars to complete. Did change after the update to 3,4 and 5 stars to complete tasks but by that point I was already almost finished the 4th garden.

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    Following on from this and on the plus side, as I still have levels to play I now have around 25 stars saved up and building them up every day. So when the new area does open i'll be able to make a good start on it straight away.

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