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Thread: Multiple Town Signs

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    Multiple Town Signs

    I just purchased the Good Old Rancho Town Sign with my regatta points & was extremely disappointed & frustrated to see that the game automatically forced my existing Home Sweet Farm Town Sign into storage when I placed it. I wanted to have one in the original town sign spot, & one on the other side of the river. It would also be great if we could place a town sign in the zoo.

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    There have been quite a few requests similar to this one, to have the ability to place more than one sign in your town/zoo. However, i haven't seen it on the list of rejected ideas, nor the frequently suggested one.
    You can have a look at Pink's answer in this post as a possible reason why we can't have more than one sign at this moment.

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    I have long requested small signs to be used in different areas of our towns and Zoo. Small is emphasized and limited description. Amusement Park, Kiddie Land, Science Park, Botanical Garden - these are some I would like to have in my town/Zoo. I will continue to lobby for these small signs.

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    I agree with the original post. We should have more then one.

    The rude language thing can be resolved with a report button, to report any doing this. Anyone who does it gets banned. The reason sounds good, but is contradicted as you can rename zoo animals to what you want.

    The land zone thing. Have the main sign be your welcome/population sign, that means it's your landing zone and displays the town name and population like it does now. Keep it as it is

    The other signs are additional ones won't have the population just the name of certain parts of town.

    Say you use the farm one as your welcome/population one.

    Then if you divide your town into sections like many do, you can use the other ones for that.

    For example, somewhere in the town you put all the Chinese decorations, you can have the Oriental Traditions sign and call it China Town.

    Use the Town Day sign for Theme Park and call it Theme Park World or something.

    Use Christmas sign with all Christmas Decorations and call it Christmas Land.

    The original sign use at the train station and call train station.

    You get the idea.

    Maybe have a limit, so you can use all the signs, but can't use the same one more then once.

    As for the Zoo idea, how about a Zoo Town sign, can only be used in the Zoo, and none of the other signs can be used in the Zoo like now. This will also display the animal population in your zoo. Maybe have the zoo one optional, as to whether you want one in the zoo or not.

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    I like the idea of being able to place more than one town sign with a "Make this my primary sign" button (greyed out "Primary Sign" if it already is), and maybe something above or below it stating "Current Primary Sign: Stone Town" so that if you click on any sign already placed you can see which one is the primary.

    I don't like spending resources on new signs if I can only use just one at any given time. This would encourage me to want the full collection of signs.

    I'm not fond of the suggestion of changing the wording in the signs.

    I'm all for the small, pre-printed signs for local areas.
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    The pre printed thing sounds good, but not if you want to call the area something different.

    It's like you town, you call it what you want. It's not pre printed.

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    The inappropriate language would be a valid reason to stay with only one sign, but, people can call their town what they want anyways, and inappropriate language is picked up there, so, why wouldn't it be for any other sign?

    I'm a big fan of multiple signs, using the existing signs available (so you could have the stone sign and the ranch sign at the same time, for example). That way you could have one and the road entrance (train station), one by the port, one "over the river"... These could all be programmed to display the (same) main town name.

    I'm a huge fan of "area" signs. A smaller sign noting an area within the main town limits. "China Town" or "Oriental Village" or whatever... "Olympic Park" or "Sports Complex", "City Limits", "Industrial Zone", and so on. Each with reasonably appropriate signs (so, the sports sign could be designed around the Olympic Rings, or, a trophy shape, or whatever). Much like how we already have a farm sign, a city sign, etc.

    I'm also a huge fan of the crop signs I've seen suggested (but now can't find, if anyone else can track it down and provide a link), where someone had made a mock-up of the fields in rows, each with a little wooden sign at the end showing a strawberry or a corn or whatever.

    Big fan of all this.
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    I am one for the use of mutiple sign use in our TOWNS. There is thread for a new idea of creating a MALL which I think would a fun way to use in cases like that (there is no room for foul or suggestive language,so please). It only takes 1 to ruin it for everybody. But I only suggest of the use of the signs the purpose honoring those, such as my wife. In the beginning I had my town named after her, but got tired everyone calling me KITTY JO.


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