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Thread: Reserve for Wild Animals

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    Reserve for Wild Animals

    I would like to know if there is a park with wild animals in it. I bought the Wild Park thinking that it could have them but it doesn't. I know it is a game, but I feel bad when I have to take land from the little cute animals, so I would like to be able to do a little reserve for them, or at least, see some of them in the Wild, or the Big Park.

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    Hi Nilda

    The animals are hidden in the wild park. To see them, click on the park until you see the menu. Rotate it once or twice and drop it at the same place. Animals should start roaming.

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    Thank you Graylady. I have been trying several times and have not seen any, but I'll try again.

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    Hi Graylady

    I know already what happened. I had the Wild Park at the Zoo and it seems that only lizards are there. I changed the park to the town and immediately the animals got out! I'm happy now

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