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Thread: Disconnect members from the regatta

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    Disconnect members from the regatta

    It must be possible as a leader from the coop to disconnect members. If a member can't disconnect his game for the regatta and can't play at all I wish the leader can make it for the coop. I hope you understand me because my English is not so good 😀

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    Co-op leaders overriding members' racing status (opt in/opt out) is on the list of ideas that have been ruled out by the devs, so it will not be implemented. You can see the full list here.

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    hi Monty,

    but you can of course kick the member out of the coop, if you're the leader (or a co-leader). Playrix has called it "kicking" unfortunately, but at least you can override the default kick message with a re-invite txt, to let them know they can re-join, when they're back. That IS your option in such cases.

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    You can kick people.

    If think if someone fails to do any tasks one week, they should be automatically opted out the next week. Then the following week when they are opted in they have a symbol next to their name and if they fail to do tasks again they get opted out until they choose to opt in. That way people who don't log on for a few weeks, don't drag their co op down.

    Yes some co ops are not competitive, but then if you do 0 tasks it shouldn't matter if you are auto logged out the next week as you don't do tasks anyway. The only people who will have issues are the one's who deliberately fail to do tasks when required.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPT_LFC View Post
    ...If think if someone fails to do any tasks one week, they should be automatically opted out the next week.
    Just remember that not every Coop has set a minimum. The automatic wouldn't work in these Coops. Then the feature would have to be made adjustable, too. And so on. I think it is getting too complicated, and nothing will meet everyone's wish, cos one can't foresee every finesse, with so many possibilities in the Coop rules or agreements. (Or if they can, I'd think there are more important things for the Devs.)
    Leaders should (must) accept their role with the option they have here. The game will not do the unpleasant things for them either.

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    I know some don't have a minimum, that's why if you do 1 task you are still opted in. If its a co op with a minimum you will be kicked.

    I meant if you do 0 tasks. So if there's co ops that have no minimum it won't matter if you are opted out for doing 0 tasks as you don't do them anyway. Just this stops people doing 0 tasks in a co op and then joining another one after getting kicked. If a leader is absent for ages they get opted out as no one can kick them. If the leader is absent and someone does 0 tasks if prevents them repeating it and ruining the co op for everyone else getting them put down. Some times someone who regularly does tasks might miss a week, and you don't want to kick them as they are usually very reliable, this way it helps as they get opted out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPT_LFC View Post
    I meant if you do 0 tasks.
    I, too. The scenario I tried to convey with the "no minimum" is a bit wider: Some Coops have no minimum, because they don't care when someone gets the prizes w/o doing any tasks. It is not required there to opt out. Some are very very lax with the regattas.

    And the argument that one doesn't "want" to kick ppl who vanish ... there suddenly so mild? It's not a penalty and as mentioned already (somewhere today), the kick message can be overwritten with some nice re-invitation text. And there's also a simple solution for the vanished leader already (although it might not be "wanted", it is a much easier solution (!) than any suggestion I have seen so far).

    Other than that 'expansion', I'd repeat my post from above, starting about 5th sentence.

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