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Thread: Unused Lives

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    Unused Lives

    I think when you have lost a game and decid to buy more bombs etc, then the extra lives ie bombs lightning etc that you do not use should be banked up to use on a different game, to save constantly running out of lives, it is quite frustrating to buy 5 lives or bombs etc and only need to use one of them. Wasting all the others. Please pleas consider this.

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    Hi hez. Welcome to the Forum

    I am just wondering what you mean by "unused lives"?

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    Hi there, when you lose a game you can buy 5 more lives and bombs etc by using the purple diamonds. To carry on and try to complete that level. If when you buy 5 more lives you may only need 1 life or 1 bomb which means you have 4 lives and bombs or lighting that are then lost, well I am hoping that instead of losing them the bombs or lightening etc that you did not need or use are carried over to your next game. As to be honest they are very valuable. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by hyacinth View Post
    Hi hez. Welcome to the Forum

    I am just wondering what you mean by "unused lives"?
    I think they mean unused turns, not lives. Not a bad idea to save unused turns.

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