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Thread: If you level up the zoo, what do you do?

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    If you level up the zoo, what do you do?

    You mean you can build many zoo buildings?

    You got more income?

    Will there be more people to go in?
    Similarly, it is not the case that more coins are made.

    It is different from town level level.
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    When you decide to start and develop your zoo, by selling items in your shops, you'll get 3 things: coins, XP and popularity points.
    So you will be able to increase your coin supply by a lot, and faster, especially when selling hot items.
    The xp will be added to your town level, helping your town to level up faster.
    The popularity points (the hearts) will contribute to leveling up the zoo level (separate from the town).

    By leveling up your zoo, you'll have access to more shops, more enclosures, you'll be able to upgrade the shops to give you more coins/xp/etc (much like the factories in the main town). When you complete animal families, you'll also get t-cash as reward.

    You can read a lot more details in the Zoo wiki pages, there's a lot of information there.

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    The more you level, the more you can build (both enclosures and shops) and the more zoo decorations you have access to. The more you level your Zoo shops, the more you can upgrade them and add things like more baskets/faster time/more popularity/more coins, but some upgrades require minimal shop levels for that specific shop type of improvement to improve. The way you level the zoo overall are selling items in your shop(s) and building zoo enclosures and filling them with animals. While you are limited to one new enclosure per level at best, you can constantly sell in your shop(s) and that will be your main XP method. Also filling a shop's Popularity bar merits you a reward which can be Zoo Building Materials, Town Building Materials (there is some overlap between the two, while some are zoo enclosure building only items and zoo shops only building materials,) gems, and mine rewards (and possibly other items that have not yet been found, but also not documented in the Wiki, but that's about it.)

    Selling Zoo items collected equals the same as selling from your barn where xp=popularity, but "hot" items double your popularity. If an item is put in the store basket when it is "hot"it will generate the popularity reward even if not hot when sold or later collected. Laboratory booster "Popular Passion" also boosts popularity by double. Animals and Boosters require gems to make which sometimes you can get from Zoo shops as well. Whether you build the Zoo at L 40 or not, Starting at L 40, you now will get the Purple Gem or Amethyst from all normal Gem reward methods (mines, chests, and zoo stores,) which is used for many Animal children requirements. You also need it for Popularity Passion.

    Finally, while the Popularity passion doubles all bases popularity points, if you augment a store's rewards by leveling a store up AND an item is also hot, the store augments for time needed to sell/coins/popularity are applied first, THEN the HOT double bonus applies.

    I highly recommend you explore the Zoo Wiki Entry which has a detailed section for everything mentioned here and other things not. The Zoo Enclosures and Shops and Zoo Upgrades IMHO, are the two most important entries.

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    If you level up your zoo you can:
    - Build additional animal enclosures (every level)
    - Build additional zoo stores (every 2 or 4 levels)

    When you build additional animal enclosures you can:
    - Buy the male and female animal for the enclosure
    - Breed two baby animals for each enclosure at the nursery
    - Get some nice tcash for the complete families

    When you expand the number of animals in your zoo you can:
    - Upgrade your zoo stores (more baskets, more coin earnings, more hearts earnings, faster selling)
    - Expand your zoo land

    So what is the main purpose of this all?
    - A nice themed area for you to decorate to your liking
    - The ability to do regatta zoo tasks in a fairly fast, fairly easy and profitable manner
    - And because you'll finish your community buildings and factories well before you ever finish your zoo: something to keep you busy developing after lvl 82.

    And that's about as concise as I can put it. *wipes sweat from forehead*
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