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Thread: Co-ops looking for new members - IOS, ANDROID & KINDLE ONLY

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    Looking for new members

    active member, cooperation, join regatta.
    untuk orang indonesia join disini. Kami harap kalian mau kerja sama

    Co-op : VENOS

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    Gold Sail Winners - Top Tradewinds seeking ship mates!

    We are a small group looking to expand. All in our group left dysfunctional co ops so we are experienced ship mates. We are racing relaxed to maintain gold league. We have no interest in stressing over position on the global leader board. At this point we are in it for the prizes/rewards. If you are a friendly, English speaking helpful player looking to get prizes and help in building your town come join us. Racing is optional. However, if not racing opting out is a requirement.

    Co Op Name: Top Tradewinds
    Badge: Sail boat on blue background
    Entry Level: 35
    Language: English
    Type: By Request
    Device: IOS/Android

    We look forward to meeting you. Leave the fuss and sail with us!

    For additional questions or if interested but below minimum entry level please pm me. Thank you.

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    Search New Team Members for Nalas Co-Op

    Searching helpfull new members for our Co-op

    Now we are just two strongly committed women sailing in the Silver League -but with your help wie go to gold

    So if you are helpful -

    We Look forward to you

    The Name : Nala's Koop
    ...with a violett Pawel

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    My co-op name is "Legendary Doves" we have a purple dove and the only co-op with this name.
    Our group is by request but will accept you as soon as possible.
    Our minimum level requirement is 30.
    We are looking for active helpful members. We are currently in the Golden league.
    We are an English speaking group.
    Limited spacing!

    Our second group is called "Legendary Doves 2" it is currently a green butterfly and the only co-op with this name.
    This group is open.
    They accept level 25 and up.
    They are looking for active memebers to help start up their group. They need some active memebers to boost up their group.
    They are a English speaking group.
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