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Thread: Co-ops looking for new members - IOS, ANDROID & KINDLE ONLY

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaha View Post
    What is your co-op's name and shield, Gamer mimi?
    Xenova and a purple dog paw

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    Hello - come join our stress free, friendly co-op! Our promise to you is to have fun playing the game & to help each other advance. Participating in the regatta is optional, if not participating, just opt out is all. Would love to have some more members who love this game as much as we do. Hope to see you all there!!

    Co-op Name: Smooth Sailing
    Badge: Teal with sailboat
    Required level: 30+
    Language: English
    By Request Only
    Leader is Surf & Turf
    Co-Leader: Sutterville

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    Join us now

    Hello All

    Do you have what it takes to join our fantastic Co-op Called Midnight

    join liberty & the Team Now

    All We Ask Is that you are a team player & take part in the regatta

    Hope to see you all soon


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    Hey there!

    Towniship Troopers is looking for new members!
    Here below our rules and policy

    -Daily active
    -English language
    -Lev 38 or more

    Regatta Policy
    -Do your best with a minimum contribution of 1.500 pcs, partecipation not mandatory

    -We have not a minimum request, just do your best.

    Our emblem are crossed axes on a blue shield

    Join us, help the team and have fun!

    Have a nice weekend

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    Our co op "flames" is looking for active members. We all participate, help each other out and have fun. We are from all over the world and there is no drama involved.

    Co op name is "flames"
    Language English
    Level 19 and higher
    Open group
    We ask that you fully participate and earn at least 800 points, help often and have fun!
    Bee on a teal badge background.

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    Looking for more members for my co op, Helping Neighbors

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    Cool Seeking for new members

    We looking for NEW MEMBERS

    Any platform IOS, Android, Kindle,etc,


    Co-Leader THE X-FILE
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    Hi, my coop is called Samteely and we are a brand new coop. We are looking for new members. We are in the wooden league for regattas as we are starting again. All we ask is that you take part in regattas each week or opt out. Help other members when requested. Started this with a friend who I met through playing this game and we love to chat. We are both strong players and enjoy helping others whenever we can.

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    You may be interested in joining my Co-op. We are serious about winning gold in regatta. We are small group of 11 members. As regatta races are organised around the number of people in a Co-op, member total is not an issue.

    In the past three races, we were promoted in league every time. Seeing as our Co-op is a month old, I'd say we are destined for greatness.

    We speak English and are at a variety of levels. Our minimum point requirement is 1300 points. All of our members are active daily and the conversation thread is used strategically:
    - Claiming your next task ("shotgun")
    - Asking if anyone has items BEFORE making the request

    We give Newbies ONE race to prove themselves. If they do not complete all (or most) of their available tasks, they are kicked out of the group. All permenant members are Co-Leaders.

    Add me as a friend and I will send you an invite within 6 hours.

    My friend code is: 67A6WV

    I hope to be racing with you soon!

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    We've opened up our co-op Friends & Fun for new members who are active, generous and like to have fun.

    We are an English speaking group with members all over the world. We try to out give each other as a silent side race.

    Regatta racing is not a requirement to be a member, but being active & helping is. We love racing & are in the golden league. The friendship and bonds that have developed through chat are priceless.

    If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, search for co-op Friends & Fun. Or add me UJGAXZ & I'll send you an invite.

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