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Thread: Co-ops looking for new members - IOS, ANDROID & KINDLE ONLY

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunnyPeaches View Post

    Our co-op is Among Friends. We have just finished our very first Regatta. We will take anyone who wants to help one another succeed. We want more than participation, we want teammates. We use GroupMe as an external chat program. It is free for all platforms. You can join and chat with us here: We are here to help each other, have fun during the regatta's and be kind to one another. If that sounds like you're cup of tea, please join us!
    I am looking to join a co-op that is active in helping friends and enters regattas but doesn't make it their whole world. That is, if you have something in the real world you have to do then that is the priority, not the regatta. When I am home I am very active but I study and attend classes so am out a fair bit as well

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    Our co-op is named Helpers. Our crest is teal with a smiley face. We are currently closed as we have 30 members, but occasionally we have openings so keep us in mind.

    We are looking for members who want to join a friendly, active Golden league co-op. We are constantly striving for 1st place each regatta. We do not tolerate poor performers and have clear guidelines regarding participation. We are friendly and encourage chatting. We encompass many time zones with enough players in each for helping and chatting. A member can opt out but not for more than two weeks.

    Players must communicate in English and be level 50+. We are mostly level 50-85.

    Minimum of 1800 points in regatta. Please keep in mind to achieve 1800 you must complete all tasks with an average score of 120. A 16th task is not required if the minimum is met but is suggested to achieve first place in regatta. The first time the minimum is not met is forgiven. The second time it is not.

    A player's stats for helping will be a consideration for continued membership.

    These rules are necessary to constantly strive for first place in the regatta each week. We understand this is a game but clear guidelines help our co-op to achieve a mutual goal.

    If you have a question, please PM me.

    Debra KD
    Level 122
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    I formed a new regatta named Peshawar my badge sign is a star . My name is dreamworld in the game searching for new members.
    Discription is; members should complete 6 tasks and help 30 members. Plz join.
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    Need co-op members 800 point minimum. Must engage in helping, chat, Regatta. Minimum level 55.

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    Chicagoland has room for 2 new helpers!

    Must complete a 500 pt regatta minimum and be helpful in other general tasks.
    Level 25 minimum.
    Month long survival in the Golden League
    English speaking.

    Search for Chicagoland if you are active

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    Active Co-Op looking for members

    I'm an elder in the Co-Op OH SHEET and I'm here to try and find new members to join. As of now we have 5 members. We recently finished a Regatta that pushed us into the silver League, so we are vary active co-op that helps each other as much as we can. My lil sister is the leader and she is a successful US Navy women, who in her spare time also races sail boats. The co-ops name is from a sail boat that her sail boat team races against. The current level requirement to join is 21.

    I hope to see you there

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    New Active Co Op Members Wanted

    Hi all, Im from the Fritzou City Co-Op!
    Were looking for new members with the following requirements:

    Must be Active in Both The Regatta & Helping others. No leaches please! We are in the Gold League & accept anyone from
    Level 19 & up. We are a friendly group! If you like particiating in the Regatta, helping others then come join us! Our highest level player is currenty at level 55. Begining Regatta players are welcome as we all have been there, so join us in some fun!

    Ios Platform
    Fritzou City
    Open Co-Op

    Im Brian's Haven Co-Leader on Fritzou City.

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    Who are you

    What is your co-op's name and shield, Gamer mimi?

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    Hi all
    We are a co-op of 8 active members we split from a group of 30 as most and the leader were inactive, we are all around lvl30-40 and have won every regatta since forming the co-op, we need more members
    Join us now and give us a try
    Cow Tippers Anon
    Search for us in the co-op section
    We are an English speaking co-op and are all for helping as much as possible
    Thanks for reading

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    Hello, My name is kaley & my regatta is looking for new members! we have been in first with just two people participating, and reaaallly would like to have some new people join and rise to the top with us. The name is Xenova. We are friendly helpful and chat daily, we would like to welcome anyone who would like to join.

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