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Thread: The Co-op Recruitment Guide

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    The Co-op Recruitment Guide

    There are two sides to the co-op recruitment process:

    1. Co-ops looking for members
    2. Players looking to join a co-op

    For the process to be successful, the two sides need to find each other. Hopefully this guide and the links contained within it will ease this process.

    Factors needing to be taken into consideration

    1. A player can only be a member of one co-op at any one time. To be able to join a new co-op, the player must have left their previous one.
    2. If a player is competing in the weekly regatta race and leaves their co-op before the end of the race, they will lose any rewards they have earned that week and their points will remain with the co-op.
    3. Whether you are !ooking for members to join your co-op or you are looking to join a co-op, honest communication is very important. So set out your aims and priorities from the beginning.
    4. Have fun!!!

    Co-ops looking for members

    There will now be threads started for Co-ops looking for members, where the first letter of the name of the co-op will determine which thread the advertisement will be posted in. The links to each thread will be posted on this guide and updated as necessary.

    Please can you ensure that:

    Each Co-op is only advertised ONCE per week.

    The Advertisement post is edited to reflect any changes or deleted if it is no longer relevant.

    The recruitment Ad is posted in the correct thread. If it is not, it will be moved to the correct thread.

    The recruitment post contains:

    The name of the Co-op and details of how to find it.
    The platform the Co-op is on.
    Details of how to contact you if a player is interested in joining your Co-op
    A basic list of your requirements for membership and any rules and/or restrictions you may have in place.
    Your Co-op's attitude towards the Regatta, communication and chat.

    **If the above information is missing, the recruitment post may be moved into the thread that is linked below and a private message will be sent to the member who wrote the post, requesting that the informstion be added.

    Co-ops beginning with A, B or C

    Co-ops beginning with D, E or F

    Co-ops beginning with G, H or I

    Co-ops beginning with J, K or L

    Co-ops beginning with M, N or O

    Co-ops beginning with P, Q or R

    Co-ops beginning with S, T or U

    Co-ops beginning with V, W or X

    Co-ops beginning with Y or Z

    The previous Co-op recruitment threads will be closed from Sunday 20th November 2016.
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