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Thread: Co-ops looking for new members - IOS, ANDROID & KINDLE ONLY

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    Post Co-ops looking for new members - IOS, ANDROID & KINDLE ONLY


    Please post here if you have a co-op and are looking for new members.

    What we ask from you:

    - Only post once in the thread.
    - Update your original post if anything changes or you are no longer looking for members.
    - Do not create a separate thread for your request. Any that are created will be merged into this main thread.
    - A new thread will be created regularly to keep information current. Come back and post again in the new thread, if you are still looking for members.

    We suggest you provide the following information to help find the most suitable members for your co-op and to help them find one that suits them:

    - your platform
    - your co-op name and badge (so they can easily look you up)
    - the type (open, by request, closed) and how to contact you if they have questions (eg can they PM you on the forum?)
    - minimum level and language(s)
    - what you are looking for in a co-op member so it works for you and them


    Do not reply to posts in this thread
    Do not post on this thread if you are looking to join a co-op
    Do not discuss issues on this thread

    Good luck!
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    Do you want a gold-league gold trophy? We will be going for our ninth one this week. Want to join us? Are you sure you can keep up? We are the "Givers only coop" (#49 on leaderboard). PM me for details.

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    Seeking new members

    Recently started a new co-op called Regatta Champs. Looking for new members who want to help win the regatta championships every week. Open membership - minimum TS level 70. Current members all extremely helpful and like minded. Look out for our red cockerel co-op badge. Feel free to ask any questions.

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    Help Wanted - Low pressure group all about giving to one another

    The basics:

    English speaking preferably, Level 25 and up, open group

    Coop name: Help Wanted
    Badge: chicken on purple background

    The goal of the group: I've just started this group and my idea for it is pretty simple. Low stress, lots of helping... The only "rule" would be that you help others in the group. Fill requests, trains, planes, etc. That's it. The whole point of the coop is to cooperate. And thats what I want to do. After that, it can be whatever you want it to be. Do you like to say thanks every time someone helps you? Go right ahead! But you aren't obligated to and won't be booted for not saying it. Personally, I say thanks by returning the favor any chance I get and helping you back. Do you want to race in the regatta? Go right ahead! Take all 135 pointers if you want or don't, I'm not going to tell you what to do. It's a game and it should be fun and not stressful. I personally will race and try my hardest to do every task and do mostly or all 135s (I'm coming from coops that win a lot and I'm cool with that) but if you get busy and can't finish every task or you take some 125 pointers because that's what you can do, I have no problem with that. I'm not booting people for talking too much or too little. For not racing hard enough or racing too hard. I'm not booting people who don't say thanks. The only chance I'd boot anyone is at the end of a week of game play, there is a 0 behind their name in how often they've helped others. That's it.

    Come join me if you want to play township your own way but with the help of others. If you are looking for a place where nobody rules the roost, where you can be left to play how you want, when you want... Lots of helping and no stressing. Sounds nice, no?

    Quick update, week 1 and we crushed it in the regatta (even without the pressure!) and are moving up a league. So we've got that going for us.
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    Global ninja farmers looking for one new member. We are currently 29 members and have won golden league the last 3 weeks. We all like to win and have fun. All chat is friendly, that is an absolute must. We are around the globe so help is 24/7 and very fast.

    If you are friendly helpfull and like to win please join us. Level required is 45 and my towns name is january sixteen. Co-op name: global ninja farmers.

    Hope to fill the last spot on the team with a perfect match.

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    Among Friends is for active players looking for similar members to work together and improve the co-op. We don’t require cash spending and believe that a great group of active members can continue to complete co-op events, learn together, and rank high in the regattas. We want more than participation, we want teammates. We are here to help each other, have fun during the regatta's and be kind to one another. If that sounds like you're cup of tea, please join us!

    You can also reach out to us on GroupMe. It is an external chat program that is free for all platforms. You can download the app and chat with us here:
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    Towns City looking for members

    Newly formed Co-op looking for competitive racers, must be helpful to other teammates. Minimum level 25. Approval by request only. Co-op name: Towns City, icon: steering wheel on blue background.

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    Europe, New Zealand and Australia Time Zones

    For Regatta Week, November 1-6

    Desperately seeking YOU, if you are from Europe, Australia or New Zealand, we need YOU, to join our International co-op. Our Members are from New Zealand, India, Switzerland, Canada and USA. Their time zones don't always integrate well with all members, so we are searching for those fluent in ENGLISH to be able to play during specific members time zone.

    Our co-op has been in the GOLDEN LEAGUE for 8 week, top 3 last 4 weeks.

    WE HAVE AN OPENING, for a level 70+ Driven, Active Regatta Player who wants to make Gold. Reading and writing English a MUST.

    Please PM me so we can become acquainted, before you join our small (13) active co-op. Adi

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    Looking for like minded members

    Hi There 😀

    SarsTinyTown. Platform Android or facebook. Purple pattern shield with paw print. Required lvl 40. English reading prefered. Join via request

    I lead an activ co op now in Gold league regatta that comunicates well and members always help out. Great group of people on different time zones that love the game as much as I do. We are a little competative to in the regatta.

    If this sound like the co op for you would love you to come join us. Send a request via co op or message and add me via facebook and my self or one of my elders will add you 😃

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    My coop is Paradise Island, blue flower, been in a Gold winning team for past 3 months just want to start my own regatta with new fresh competitors.
    I like to chat make friends and help help help each other a lot.
    Those who want to join be welcome - have set the level at 76
    English and French speakers all over the globe be welcome.
    See you soon

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