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Thread: Bistro Table & Chairs

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    Bistro Table & Chairs

    Hopefully a nice, easy one. All the chair decs seem to be benches or the deck chairs. Could we have some nice bistro type ones? Silver or Parisien style would be nice. Sorry if we already have them - I scrolled but couldn't see any.

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    Hi Leonie, no we don't have any, and this has been requested quite often. Maybe one day....
    Forever living in hope lol

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    Puhleeeeeeease Playrix...

    I need anything that has a chance of going with my jazz club, to be fair...
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    That's what made me finally put the request in, Nevada. Thought of it a few times then yesterday I was looking for something to put near the jazz club & music venue. Plumped for a couple of the short flowery boulevard things. Bistro chairs would look much nicer!

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