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Thread: How many levels are there currently?

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    How many levels are there currently?

    I am on level 2461. Just wanting to know how many more levels there are at the moment.

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    Nobody has report a definitive number. Last I've seen was 2400 so I guess you have reach the limit and wait for new levels.

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    Currently there are 2505 levels. 15 new ones are uploaded every Thursday.

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    It must depend on your device as I'm on a Mac and the maximum level is currently 2,310.
    No new games get uploaded for me, but there appear to be endless treasure chests of 15 games, which are old ones recycled. I know this as I recognise many of them. I've been playing them since early January.
    I also didn't get the Christmas event, nor the Valentine's one.

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    I am on an iPad, and also get the treasure chests on completion of the extra weekly 15 levels. My chests don't seem to be recycled ones although they may be and I've just forgotten them! Some of these chests are really hard and for little reward so I'm not really bothering with them too much.
    Perhaps WickedAnchusas you should contact admin to see what's going on with updates for the Mac version, especially since you didn't get the Christmas or Valentines events.

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    Hello šŸ‘‹

    So I was thinking on the same question. How many levels are there in the game?
    Iā€™m already at 2358 and I have just opened a new area! I mean the area after the twin sirens bridge... you have to click an arrow sign to go there.
    In my opinion, looking this new area, it looks like there are around 3500 levels, considering an average of 350 by area.
    The point is, there are new levels every week. The challenge is to play more than new levels comes out hahahaha

    Hope I helped. Good luck! šŸ€

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    At this point there are 2780 levels. The new aquariums/areas are not connected to the number of levels.

    There used to be 15 new levels every week, now it's 20 per week.

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    Hi guys! skyw75 is correct, we've now released over 2700 levels Be sure to follow the official Fishdom page on Facebook to stay in the loop

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    I hit 2781 last night and ran out of levels today they went to 2801

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    I am at 2801 & can't go any further. Don't be in any hurry to get to the end because you are stuck with playing what I call the "side games" which only allow you to earn more coins. About once a week or so, they add about 10 new levels.

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