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Thread: How many levels are there currently?

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    Currently on 3701.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joncro View Post
    Currently on 3701.
    yes but no more acquariums!!

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    Some time last year, I completed all the available levels.
    Every Thursday, 15 new levels are created.
    As of this week (through March 6, 2019) there are 3720 levels.

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    For me, I’m waiting on level 3750....and playing the Peanut (Treasure) Chest Levels now.
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    I’m on level 3830 now.

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    I’m on 3930......

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    Awesome! I’m on 2506, happy to know there’s a lot more

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    Just finished 4081, thanks Fishdom but I think I'll skip a few weeks till the levels accumulate a bit. The reward in treasure chest are not worth it.

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    I’m on level 4137 now, soon to be 4140 - which is my game level ration for the week......then will get relegated back to the treasure-less levels again.....

    No money spent.
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    I get tired of waiting on new levels I can't believe that they can't create levels faster than they do

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