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Thread: Suggestion for Leagues related events (fireworks, lightning, etc...)

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    Totally agree, this is exhausting

    Quote Originally Posted by Nihility View Post
    Hi Devs,

    I have been playing Gardenscapes for a while now and currently at max levels. Didn't take that much time actually.

    25 levels/week isn't cutting it for me but I guess I have other games at hands too.

    But the leagues related events such as Fireworks, Lightning, etc.... is almost stupid for anyone who maxed out at levels and nothing to play on.

    I am not saying they are bad. But please give us an option to choose "NOT" to participate. Because If I ever do, I don't have enough levels to compete (Don't tell me to do chests, please, they are repetitive and stupid and boring), and I will surely get dropped down a league.

    So every time the events come about, I have to stopped playing the game for that duration.

    Please let us choose / play what we want to. Much appreciated.

    P/s: Signed up to this forum just for this btw.
    I completely agree with this. Considering leaving the game this is so exhausting.

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    So sad to get demoted because I’ve reached max levels after a contest. Sad and sort of not fair.

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