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Thread: Sandy Beaches

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    Sandy Beaches

    We need Sandy beaches in broad spectrum. With teeny tiny seashells, and waves crashing on the beach so we can put them along our seaside resorts.

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    This sounds cool. I love the diver in the water.

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    That is the one feature I take pride in. The waterfront is one of many so called projects, that I try to make unique and different. With that in mind I wish that we had more control as to the positioning of the left side of our waterfronts, along with boat docks. Why are they left off limits to relocate these structures. And the borderline of land expansion,why can't we use the off limits of water in the harbor to place watercraft where we want. I used the borderline and put as much land in my game as possible. So the edge is set and all my water craft are parked on that line. At first glance it may look fine but reality sets in, NO ACTIVITY in the open waters or on the beaches of ROCK IT FALLS's a bloody ghost town from that enemy sub peering from beyond the breakers. ⛵️⛴ ⚓️
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