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Thread: Cancel product request in co-op

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    Cancel product request in co-op

    I'd like to be able to cancel product requests. We usually want the product asap not days later.

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    True, there's a "time value" to the products when you request them. On the other hand, since you have to wait for 3 hours before you can request again (if you don't use the booster) it doesn't hurt to leave the request dangle out there. Leaving the request out there gives your co-op mates a chance to earn clovers.

    When you can request again, your new request will overwrite / cancel the previous one. The old one does not have to be completely fulfilled before you issue a new request.

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    I understand that asking for help will let others be able to get more clovers, but I would still like to cancel my request or be able to request less then the default number of items.
    For example I need ice cream. So does another. I often get help, but I do not need more than two. Now why should I be asking for five?
    If I could cancel after getting what I need, then others can also get what they need.

    Never mind this example. If I get more help with ice cream than I need, then I can help that other person who also wants ice cream.

    I just did not want to impose on the co-op team requesting more than I need, but maybe it is not so bad after all.
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