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Thread: Broken Balance in Regatta Global Combat

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    I now wish Chinese characters also flew out of my finger when I felt that way hchl. I never knew anybody who could express disdain, disgust, and disappointment with her childrens’ behaviour with quite the skill of my Chinese friend’s mother. She remains unmatched in my memory after 20 years. I had assumed it was just her, but perhaps many who speak the language have a ‘magical finger of justified indignation’. I wonder if I’m too old now to learn..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hchl View Post
    Don't be disheartened by some insolent child who doesn't know how to behave. There's so many of such kind of people around, right? We have to just ignore them and keep on living and enjoy our life, and wouldn't allow them to dampened our enjoyment.

    Last night I was so sad and angry, I can't write in English fast enough, thus all the Chinese just ran out of my finger......Now I translate what I wrote underneath the Chinese comment, if you like to read it, it's there...........
    Thank you hchl, it was indeed very kind of you to post your reassuring comments. For sure there are far more thoughtful and pleasant people on the forum than the nasty ones, just every once in a while the nasty ones touch a nerve and colour everything. I will certainly try to ignore them in future, great advice :-)

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    Oh my... I wanna to say I love you all guys. And you, Ambrosia.
    Nevada, I have suggest for you. You as moderator have "power" deleting posts. It would be best for everybody if you delete all pages after 4th page. It's not pleasent to read any post on pages 5-10.

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    Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to everyone that reported these posts. It is a huge help when a post gets reported as it provides a direct link to that post, meaning it can be found and acted upon a whole lot quicker than waiting for a mod/admin to stumble across it whenever we get the chance. I do try to keep up with new posts and deal with anything as quickly as possible, but, real life...

    Thank you to everyone that posted in or sent me a PM regarding events in this thread, I promise I will reply to you all as real life allows. Your kind words and support mean a lot.

    I fully understand that sometimes things can be read that are upsetting/annoying, especially in the case of being accused of doing something wrong when you know you haven't. I fully understand emotions take over and it's a base human reaction to want to defend ourselves in such a case.
    For this reason, I will try to be sympathetic with such people, and remind them that whilst they're entitled to be upset, there's a right way to express that.
    If they lash out again, I will remind them of the forum rules, and again explain they're welcome to continue as long as they can do so in a polite manner.
    If they still cannot be civil, there will be consequences.

    Coming in here telling me I'm colluding (with someone reporting a possible flaw? Okay, not sure what I'm supposed to be gaining from this "collusion, but, okay), calling me a skivvy*, telling me I'm part of some forum-wide problem, and they want to speak to Playrix staff about my position... That's fine cupcake, you do you. I have no issue with keyboard warriors venting at me, misplaced or not.
    When they start on other people: members of the forum or Playrix staff, that's a different story.

    I've said before somewhere but can't remember if it was public or private.
    I believe people should be allowed to speak their mind. I think if someone posts something they later regret, they should have the opportunity to come back and own their words, and apologise for their way of putting their feelings across, even if the feelings themselves are valid.
    It takes a bigger person to come back and own their mistakes right there in front of everyone, and earns a lot more respect for those that manage it.
    I don't like deleting (burying) a problem unless it's a serious issue that can't be saved.

    Don't let one bad apple stand for all the good people that pass through this forum.

    I think it best we leave this thread to fall away off the front page and forget about what went on.

    Someone saw a potential issue in-game and asked what others thought.
    Others responded with the correct procedure.
    Staff have seen the thread.
    It will or will not be handed to the devs as deemed necessary.

    Either way, this thread is done.

    *For those not so well versed on British slang: a skivvy is a term originally used for a maid given particularly not so nice jobs. If you were rich you had your nannies and your cooks and your maids to do the housework, then the skivvy would be the "lowest" maid.

    He basically reffered to me as someone who's job is to take out the trash.

    Can't say I disagree with him...
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