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Thread: What do you get if all members opt in?

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    What do you get if all members opt in?

    The question is in the title....

    Is it worth.the effort of getting all team members to opt in so that the team gets a bonus? We like the opt out option at 100 club, everyone needs a holiday sometimes.

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    Depending on the number, you get extra points for the Global Leaderboard only. We got 44 points for 25 racers. Maybe someone already posted it in the Regatta part of the forum. I can comeback on Monday if nobody got the number since we are racing 30 this week.

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    Please let us know what bonus you get.

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    Ok, the co-op size bonus for 30 people racing is 75 points added to our co-op score on the Golden League Leaderboard. You don't get anything else.

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