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Thread: How Does Your Co-op Reserve Tasks?

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    Its very obvious when a task is reserved. Grace period of "mistakes" is over in our co-op, i kick them for "stealing" the task. Its disrespectful & rude. Havent had to do it, reservation rules were made very clear.

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    Personally if someone steals a reserved task, I would tell them not to do it again and ask for an explanation.

    If they don't give one or do it again. Remove them.

    Deleting is harder as you can't see who deleted what tasks, only how many. If you showed you who deleted what tasks it would be a great help.

    Anyone who deletes a reserved task is doing it out of spite, as they are not even doing the task themselves. Anyone who does this should be kicked first time.

    I wasn't going to reserve it but forgot, I would have reserved if I saw it earlier and other excuses, I wouldn't accept.

    I'd say remove the delete option on reserved tasks, but then thinking about it maybe not. If you have a co op with a minimum requirement for points tasks, and someone reserves one below them points, then it is completely fine to remove the task.

    Maybe an option where the leader checks a box "unable to delete reserved tasks" in order to have them undeleted. Then gets options like

    All tasks

    Tasks 100+

    Tasks 120+

    Tasks 130+

    Tasks 135

    They are hurting the whole team too buy doing this.

    Say someone reserves a collect banana task, as they have four boats sitting there fully loaded, so they can start the task, empty the boats, send the next ones off and go to sleep and when they wake up the boats are in and task complete.

    The 135 shrimp task requires 8 shrimp. That can all be done instantly.

    Say you have 5 more hot items to sell in zoo, 8 baskets will be empty in 15 minutes and the 8 shrimp task is there. You have all 8 sitting at the dock, so it makes sense you reserve it as it's full points and you complete in a matter of seconds. Someone else then starts it, but all their boats are empty and they now send it off. It will be 8 hours before the boats are back and even then unless they used ingots they might not have all the shrimp.

    Now the person who completes the task has to do a more time consuming one, and they might be going to sleep in an hour so certain tasks can't be started with time limits. What if time is too consuming and they end the week 1 tasks short of maximum and you miss out on top spot by under 135 points or go down a league and them extra 135 points from the stolen reserve task could have kept you in the league, also you get less chests, positional bonus and yacht points.

    If someone reserves something like that, or produce 8 items and all 8 are on their factory shelves, so the task can be done in seconds, and someone deletes it, then it's pure spite and they have to be doing it on purpose.

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    There was a period of time where players without updated clients couldn't see reservations. Or players didn't fully understand the coop rules because they just didn't get them or understood them wrongly.

    The saving grace period indeed. And yeah it was needed. And some frowns were exchanged. But now everyone's on the same page client version, and the rules are clear and understood by all.

    I've made clear that respect for other player's reservation is required. And so far so good, yay!

    I've made clear that reservations should also be done with respect towards other players. With that I mostly meant things like don't reserve a HoL task when another member just said they'd love to do a HoL task because they're at 150 clovers. And the outcome surprised me: I'm seeing coop members reserve tasks for other players who are not around at that time, so they can take them later. Players who aren't IRL friends/family, just to be clear, because you'd expect that kind of behaviour from IRL friends/family.

    I'm really quite proud of my coop, really.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vuurvl View Post

    I'm really quite proud of my coop, really.
    Quite rightly, I feel
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    Reserving task issue

    Reserving task is a very good feature. I am very pleased about this new thing, help me to organize better and get better results. But, i need just one more thing to happen and then this will be perfect!! Once i reserve a task, i would like to have the posibilities to blocked that task, so nobody else will dump or take. If i first reserved it, then i should be the "owner" and use it or dump it, whatever i will decide. To start making ahead some products, that can take a lot of time, and then find out that you did it for nothing is bad for entire team.
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    I have seen this suggestion a few times the last days, so it's a more general reply: There have been a lot of discussions about reservations, I remember, before and after their introduction. I remember also that many posters brought many examples against it every time such a "hard/real" reservation was suggested, and when the reservations were introduced I thought it was clever of the Devs to choose this way. I very much doubt they "forgot" something or didn't do it intentionally this way. It seemed to be the majority at that time, and at least a very good compromise. I personally believe they were right in doing so (although I would like the counting-up timer!).
    But, as usual, now it isn't "enough", and the "other majority" speaks up
    We'll have to see how it develops; if the Devs change it, I hope they do it with options as was suggested** here a few days ago, not just doing some "other extreme" then.

    Until then, I suggest to talk about it in the Coop chat, to find a common agreement on how the reservations should be handled in THIS Coop. Must be done anyway, and should be faster than waiting for the Devs...

    ** The start of that discussion is here:

    and it links also to some of the other discussions.
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    I’m in my own solo co op so have no need to reserve tasks . What I’m interested in is how do large co ops function with this feature. Is there ever a time when all 12 tasks are reserved? What do the other players do during this time? If they are all reserved then no new tasks will appear in half an hour. It must be hard when you see tasks you can do right now but they are reserved.

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    Cathy, I remember indeed some replies that said reservations in a big Coop are not possible, the size as reason. OTOH, when in my Coop about 18 ppl are racing, and many are more often playing than I, and almost everyone wants 135 tasks (myself included - additionally I want fast tasks usually), it is hard to find a good task at all, and it was so before reservations already.
    and still is...w/o some kind of time structure in it (which we have), not feasible IMO.

    Some answers and experiences are also in this thread, btw:
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    I am in a team of 27 players...imagine, so ,we dump a lot and wait for good tasks, and we are not so desperate for the 135, and not for the gold too, we are a relaxed team, just want to play, help each other and chat......anyhow this new feature is good and i would like to stay, only with the correction i have said. Meanwhile, i noticed that after a task is reserved and other player want to take that task is not possible, only dump it (unfortunatelly this happened sometimes)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andromeda View Post
    Meanwhile, i noticed that after a task is reserved and other player want to take that task is not possible, only dump it
    Not sure what makes you think so? see the picture/question in dreadnought's reply here:

    also, some of the current complaints are exactly that a reserved task can be taken by someone else.

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