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Thread: How Does Your Co-op Reserve Tasks?

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    How Does Your Co-op Reserve Tasks?

    Does anyone have a successful method for team members to reserve their next tasks to enable prepping. The system my team are using keeps failing. Just wondered if anyone has any ideas on a foolproof method? Or is it more trouble than it's worth and is it better to just take what tasks are available. Really would appreciate some suggestions. Cheers.
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    My co-op using message board and broadcasting message to list the reserve tasks. Sometimes some members took reserved task without read the board message. But most of the time it works. Tasks that can be reserved are planting, goods ship, and factories because those are need prepping. Other than that are first come first serve

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    Difficult. Our system is more of a "DON'T DUMP SHRIMP". Meaning you can reserve, but it's not guaranteed.
    And you can't reserve luck.

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    We use a group chat on FB messenger that is strictly for claimed requests so all you see when you go into it is... "Alex = EGGS" "Carmen = CHILI SAUCE" etc. Now we do all 135s so we don't put point value but if your point values vary just add to the end of it. Works like a charm and was our solution for the limited in-game chat! It also allows us to connect in separate group chats on FB for game discussions and just plain old chit chat.

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    We add the product to our town name and we place reminder on the chat. Having the task name add to our town name make it easy to check the reservations just by looking at the stats list. We easily see thing like :

    Calm - Grapes
    Gray - Puppet
    John - Hevea

    Most of the time, this system work well but mistake happens once in a while. Every player has to check the list and the chat before taking a task.

    Like Fleshrea, we allow reservation only on tasks that can be started while you are finishing the current one. This means : crops, ships and factories. This help in transforming a long task in a shorter one.

    There are NO reservation on House of Luck, Mine, Zoo which everyone want. These are on first come, first served. I make sure that someone is not only doing these though.

    Planes and trains are often deleted with some exception.

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    Slightly off topic but why don't you try racing with no reservations? It works well with a co-op of your size and you may well find you race faster due to the board moving quicker.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. What we have been doing is simply changing our town name to the task. Eg. 135 cheesecake. It's so simple but it falls down when people forget to check which must be the same for all the methods suggested here. I personally dont reserve anything and just go with the flow but there had been some dramas. We may consider no reserves too. Thanks all. Happy racing.

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    Tagging system to win trophy

    We tag items by chat board,by population /town board as comes up on flag and statistics. Then when we first come on line to game we click our flag,see who,s tagged what and carry on with game. Had problems at first but now very rarely do. It works combined with doing 135 tasks. All members.
    The lucky charm, treasure chest is first come gets, no saving but all rest are optional.
    Since using method we have won trophy 3 times in Golden Legue .speaks for self.
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    We use chat to check requesting the task first then send out messages. Since using the messaging system, we've had no problems.

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    Reserving Tasks

    When one member reserve any task another can take it or dump it and it creats misunderstanding between the members. What we should do?

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